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Edmonds and Slatter

Edmonds and Slatter

About Edmonds and Slatter

Edmonds & Slatter is an independent opticians based in south Leicestershire. They have practices in Blaby Leicester, Glenfield Leicester and Lutterworth Leicester. Hear4U have been offering hearing care services for 6 years to all of the Edmonds and Slatter Opticians.

Our satellite centre within Blaby allows us to offer our clients within the vicinity a quick and efficient service. Usually within service-orientated centres, the satellite centres are manned either weekly or fortnightly dependant upon demand.

Our satellite centres are ideal for clients who don’t want to travel to or unable to get to one of our permanent centres for either hearing assessments, wax removal, etc.

To visit us at Edmonds and Slatter, contact our main office at Hinckley to find out when we will be in your vicinity next if you can wait for us. If not please come to one of our full-time centres where we can usually accommodate you within 24 hours.

Contact us to arrange an appointment at the Blaby Satellite Clinic! We can offer Earwax RemovalFree Hearing Tests and Hearing Aid Consultations at your earliest convenience. If you have any direct questions, do not hesitate to email us admin@hear4u.co.uk.

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3 Sycamore Corner
Leicester Rd


  On-site Parking
  There is local car-parking within walking distance
  Disabled Parking
  There are disabled bays within the local carparks
  Disabled Access

Offers treatments for:


Free Hearing Tests

We offer a complimentary and in-depth hearing test in each of our Hearing Care Centres which assesses the full function of your hearing. This allows you to clearly understand your ability to hear and any options that we can openly offer to you and support you with.

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Fast and effective Earwax Removal

Our team is fully trained to provide multiple methods of Earwax Removal, which allow us to carry out quick and painless procedures for everyone. If you are suffering from symptoms associated with earwax build-ups such as Tinnitus or sudden deafness, you will benefit from these procedures.

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The only company to offer 4 different methods of Earwax Removal

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