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Discover the Art of Invisibility with Phonak Lyric!

Hearing loss is the second most common disability in the UK, so it is nothing to be embarrassed about, yet many hearing aid wearers worry about their devices being overly conspicuous. This might be down to feeling self-consciousness, uncomfortable in social situations or a fear of being treated differently and has ultimately resulted in a high demand for invisible hearing aids.

Invisible hearing aids are an option for individuals who do not want to wear obvious hearing aids or deal with maintenance or battery changes. In late 2020, leading global hearing aid provider, Phonak, announced the fourth generation of the Phonak Lyric sending the hard of hearing community into a hype. Lyric is one of the most unique hearing aids on the market; best described as the “contact lens for the ear” and is hugely popular around the world. Here is why:

Total Invisibility

Lyric is designed to remain out of sight and out of mind. It is placed deep inside the ear canal just 4mm from the ear drum, and can be worn 24 hours per day, seven days a week, for months on end. 94% of Lyric users prefer Lyric over their previous hearing aids!

The newest Lyric4 features components that have been further improved to protect against earwax and debris, providing increased reliability. The size of the Lyric4 is even smaller than previous models for even more comfort in the ear.

Micro-Ear Engineering

Lyric epitomises the highest technology behind invisible hearing aids. It is the ultimate hassle-free hearing aid that does not require battery changes, maintenance, cleaning, or programming. What’s more, you never have to take out – not even for sleeping, exercising, or showering!

There is a broad size range consisting of 7 sizes – from XXS to XXL – to comfortably fit as many ear sizes as possible for client satisfaction and wearing comfort.

Natural Listening Experience

Lyric is ideal for those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. While traditional hearing aids capture and process sound outside the ear, Lyric uses the natural anatomy of the ear to amplify sound and provide a natural listening experience.

Lyric amplifies soundwaves before sending them to the eardrum and relies on the outer ear’s natural anatomy to funnel sound through the ear canal and into the device. The outcome is improved directionality and sound localisation, so the user has a greater ability to detect which direction the sound is coming from.

Tinnitus Relief

Tinnitus is estimated to affect around 6 million people (10% of the population), with 600,000 of those experiencing it to a severity that affects their quality of life. In most cases too, it goes untreated. Lyric reduces tinnitus faster than daily-wear hearing aids and improves sleep quality!

Benefits of a Phonak Lyric Subscription Model

If you think Phonak Lyric might be for you, you are entitled to a 30-day trial period before committing to a subscription. The trial period will allow you to take Phonak Lyric for a test-drive, exploring its benefits and giving you the time to decide whether this is the device for you… (you will not be disappointed!)

If you decide on a subscription with Hear4U, Phonak Lyric will be fitted by one of our trained audiologists. Lyric must be replaced at least every 120 days, and if there are any changes to Lyric technology, you are immediately guaranteed the new product!

Other perks to our Phonak Lyric subscription include receiving regular and proficient care from our hearing professionals, no unexpected repair costs and getting your hearing performance checked on a regular basis. Let’s not forget – you will also be wearing a state-of-the-art hearing device of the highest quality!

Trial the Phonak Lyric Hearing Aid now! Email to start your Lyric journey.