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Treatment For Ear Infections At Hear4U

Treatment For Ear Infections At Hear4U

An infection in the ear can last for several months if not treated correctly.

If you think you have an ear infection, book an appointment with us for a swab. By having the swab completed privately with us you will:

We are the only private Aural swabbing service in the UK

What is an Ear Swab?

An ear swab is where a sample of an ear infection is taken via a sterile medical cotton bud and sent to a laboratory for testing. The laboratory will then send these results back to your GP which will result in you being prescribed the right antibiotics straight away. 

What is a Ear infection?

An infection in the ear (also known as otitis externa or otitis media) can be painful and irritable, it can affect your outer ear and external auditory canal (the tube between your outer ear and your eardrum), your middle ear (behind the eardrum and the tube that connects your ear to your throat), 

These infections are more likely to develop through several environments, for example;

All of the above provide an ideal environment in your ear for bacteria – and to a lesser degree, fungi – to grow!

You can also increase your risk of infection if you use certain products in or near your ears, such as:

And you are naturally more at risk if you suffer from the following

Causes of an ear infection

There are several different causes of an ear infection, these can include:

Have you got an outer or middle ear infection?

If you have any of the following symptoms, there is a high possibility you have:

If you think you have an ear infection, book an appointment with us for a swab!

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