Ear Wax Removal Service Oakham

Posted By Sam Bennett on 2016-10-29 11:06

Now Offering Microsuction Ear Wax Removal in Oakham

In conjunction with Focus Opticians, we are announcing a new ear wax removal service in Oakham, Rutland. We will offer safe, comfortable ear cleaning on appointment from the 9th of May 2017 in Focus Opticians, 3a market street, Le15 6dy, Oakham.

We will soon be offering micro suction ear wax removal in our hearing aid centre in Oakham. We have had many enquiries in relation to ear cleaning from the area and up to this point, it has meant travel to our branch in Leicester or Hinckley.

From the 9th of May though, we will be coming to you, or at least to Oakham. It surprises us how many people still ask about ear syringing. Ear syringing is pretty much a discredited method of ear cleaning because it was found in studies that it caused as many problems as it solved. In our profession, we have primarily moved on to ear cleaning with special irrigation machines and the use of micro-suction.

ear wax removal

Microsuction for ear wax removal is the best method of ear cleaning we have come across. it is completely safe, instant, effective and comfortable. Microsuction involves no introduction of liquid or any other material to the ear canal which completely ensures that no infection can be introduced. It also means that there is absolutely no chance of over pressure bursting the eardrum. 

Flex : trial From Unitron

We have also introduced a new hearing solution technology that will allow us to offer free hearing aid trials in Oakham. The technology analyses your listening environments as you wear them day to day. They then give us a clear understanding of the issues you face in the listening environments you face them in.

The system is outstanding and offers us the ability to really understand your problems so that we can make strong recommendations based on real life data. Your real life data. So the recommendations are custom, unique to you.

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If you are interested in earwax removal in Oakham, or if you would like a clear understanding of the latest hearing aids technology, give us a call on 01 455 234 600 or book your appointment online now.