The Emotional Stages Of Hearing Loss

Posted By Kelly Hone on 16.04.2018 14.32

"That's impossible," you say, when the results from your hearing test come back.
After all, you can still hear fine. Also, doesn't hearing loss only affect older people?- That is just a myth! 

Changes in our hearing happen all the time and don't only target people of specific age groups, it can suddenly or gradually happen to absolutely anyone. You may also suffer from a minor hearing loss, where you can hear mostly fine except for the faintest of noises. Learning that you have hearing loss can be a process that involves many emotions- and its perfectly normal, we are only human! 


Hearing loss happen gradually so you may not notice when your hearing first starts declining.

Many types of hearing loss happen gradually, so you may not notice when your hearing first starts declining. It's usually loved ones that point it out first, when you're constantly asking them to repeat themselves or watching the television at a louder volume than usual. 

Your first instinct may be to deny this, because no one wants to have hearing loss!
Even after your hearing test, you may be reluctant to accept this fact, but you should also know that it's never safe to leave your hearing loss untreated. Get the correct hearing solutions to prevent your hearing from worsening.


It's normal to have many ups and downs during this process of acceptance. To be told you may have haring loss can also be met with anger. This isn't fair!
A hearing loss is also a natural process, and depends a lot on our lifestyle. Listening to music, attending loud concerts and even taking certain medications can all affect our hearing.
Left untreated, hearing loss can be frustrating to live with, causing tension in your relationships.

You'll experience many emotions when you have changes in your hearing.


When you don't treat your hearing loss, your brain may feel overwhelmed trying to keep up in social situations. That's because those tiny, delicate sensory hairs in your inner ear are damaged and only pick up fragments of distorted sound.
Your brain will work harder than ever to piece them into sentences, and you'll feel mentally fatigued at the end of a social event.

This can cause you to withdraw from gatherings because you feel left out. And, feeling excluded from social situations can lead to low self-esteem and loneliness.

This is why it's so important to get your hearing checked out to find the correct hearing aids.


Eventually, you may be ready to reach out for help.
Luckily our fantastic audiologist team at Hear4u are ready to be of assistance.

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