You are currently viewing Free Hear4U Coffee Morning at Stockwells Coffee House & Bar

Free Hear4U Coffee Morning at Stockwells Coffee House & Bar

Stockwell’s Coffee Hours and Bar
1A New Buildings, Hinckley, LE10 1HN
6th December 10:00am – 3:00pm

You’re invited to come along to our demonstration ran by industry professionals

On December 6th (10:00 am – 3:00 pm) our leading Audiologists will be running a free Hear4U Coffee Morning demonstrating Roger FM Hearing aid systems in Hinckley.

Enjoy a cuppa whilst you’re at it!

What is Roger?

Roger is the digital standard, providing outstanding performance in noise and over distance by wirelessly transmitting a speaker’s voice directly to the listener. It offers a staggering breakthrough in signal-to-noise ratio and guarantees access to new levels of speech understanding. Use Roger in challenging listening situations such as restaurants, meetings at work and school activities to boost your hearing performance. 31% of hearing aid wearers report they still have challenges hearing in noisy situations2. This is where Roger digital wireless technology truly excels

Do you find it difficult to use your hearing aid in a large crowd?

The stylish range of hearing aid compatible assistants makes going to restaurants, group meetings or conferences a breeze with it’s 360° ability to section off who’s speaking.

They’re built around being discreet, so you’ll never have to worry about looking old fashioned.

Do you wish you could hear important speakers on the other side of the room?

The Roger pen allows you to do just that! You’re able to give the device to your main speaker and hear them more clearly, with a range of around 33 feet it lets you hear 62% better than people without our fantastic accessories.

Do you want to experience going to a restaurant and not having to struggle hearing the person you’re with?

Our range of FM systems ensure a comfortable listening experience by removing background noise and allowing your hearing aid to focus on the person you choose. You can also clip any of the FM accessories to clothes or keep them on a lanyard, making it convenient for the speaker to talk to you clearly and personally.

Roger Select™

Feel part of the whole conversation

Placed in the center of a table, it automatically selects the person who is talking and seamlessly switches from one talker to another.

Improve speech understanding

By utilizing multiple microphones in six directions, speech is covered in a 360° listening radius. Understanding group conversation in background noise is 61% better than with hearing aids alone.

Be in control and stay connected

In situations where multiple conversations take place, select the person or conversation you want to focus on with a single manual touch.

Capture every single precious moment

Simply clip it on clothing or hang it around the speaker’s neck to capture moments that matter most.

Make wireless phone calls and enjoy listening to TV

Roger Select features wideband Bluetooth® for phone calls.  You can also enjoy listening to the TV or multimedia devices such as music players and computers.

Roger Pen™

An all-inclusive wireless microphone for use at work or home. The Roger Pen offers additional support in loud noise and over distance.

Roger for everyone

Regardless of what hearing aid or cochlear implant you use, there is a compatible Roger receiver

Full speech understanding

Understand up to 62% more in noise and over distance compared to people with no hearing loss


Microphone settings automatically adjust to noise levels and speakers around you

Discreet and stylish

Appealing design with three colour options. Plus a broad colour range of Roger design-integrated receivers