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Hear4U Celebrating Three Decades of Exceptional Hearing Care

This year, Hear4U is celebrating a special milestone that’s close to our hearts – 30 incredible years of providing top-notch audiology services in the Midlands. From our humble beginnings to becoming a cornerstone in our community’s hearing health, our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

A Journey from Home to Heart

It all started in 1994 in the family home of our visionary founder, Samantha Bennett. With a passion for hearing care and a commitment to the community, Samantha set the foundation for what Hear4U would become. Her mission was simple yet powerful: to offer exceptional hearing services.

Samantha shares: “I wanted a hearing service that was at the heart of the community. It was important to me that we had solid ethics and values with excellent customer service and outcomes. That whenever there were hearing-related concerns within the community, Hear4U was the first port of call. This dedication is why I continue to fight so hard to maintain high standards across all our sites.”

Growth, Expansion, and Community Engagement

From a home clinic in Stoney Stanton, we’ve grown beyond our wildest dreams. Our relocation to a dedicated shop in Hinckley was just the beginning. Today, Hear4U stands proud with additional locations in Leicester, Rothwell, and Newark on Trent. Each clinic is a home to experienced audiologists with over 120 years of shared experience, offering services like earwax removal, comprehensive hearing assessments, and personalised hearing aid fittings.

But our growth isn’t just about the number of clinics. It’s about the deep, meaningful connections we’ve fostered within our community. Through educational events and outreach, we’ve worked tirelessly to increase awareness and understanding of hearing health, making sure that Hear4U is synonymous with trust, care, and excellence.

A Legacy of Care

Samantha envisioned a service rooted in strong ethics, exceptional customer service, and outstanding outcomes. Today, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary, her vision is alive and thriving, carried forward with pride and dedication.

“It means a huge amount to me that we have this fabulous reputation, even earning the trust of our local hospitals and GPs as the go-to place for hearing care in the community,” she shares.

This legacy of care and excellence is now in the hands of Tyler Woolman, Samantha’s daughter, and a skilled audiologist. Under Tyler’s leadership, Hear4U continues to flourish, promising to keep our foundational values at the forefront as we look to the future.

Looking Ahead: A Future Filled with Promise

“Reflecting on the past 30 years, we recognise our growth and the continued trust of the communities we serve,” comments Tyler. “Our commitment to providing quality hearing care remains our priority as we celebrate this milestone. The clinic’s history is not only a story of expansion but also one of sustained, community-focused service and generational heritage in the field of audiology.”

We invite you to join us in celebrating this significant milestone. Whether you’re a long-time friend of Hear4U or new to our family, your hearing health is our top priority. For more information about our services or to get in touch, please visit the link below.