Posted By Kelly Hone on 04.12.2017 11:06

Keep your hearing aids sparkling all year round with this fantastic cleansing kit!


What's Included?

Cleansing Wipes: Cleaning wipes for daily cleaning of any model of hearing aid including behind the ear and in the ear hearing devices.

Cleansing Tablets: These tablets will remove stains and disinfect with active oxygen. Simply dissolve the tablets in water and soak the earmold, ideally should be used twice a week. Not to be used with in-the-ear hearing aids.

Air Blower: Handy air blower that removes condensation and dirt from hearing aid tubing. Simple to use and ideal to keep your hearing aids functioning perfectly. 

Mini Cleaning Kit: Mini cleaning brushes, prefect for keeping them hard to reach places clean and tidy!

Drying Cup: Moisture is one of the most common causes of problem with hearing aids. Help remove damaging moisture from your hearing aids with this handy drying beaker, to be used along with drying capsules; suitable for ITE and BTE hearing aids.