Hearing Loss And Happiness

Posted By Kelly Hone on 09.07.2018 12.59

The signs can include ringing in your ears, sounds often seem muffled, or it has become difficult to hear and understand others when there is background noise. There are also emotional symptoms to consider, these can be just as real and disabling as the physical ones. Did you know that untreated hearing loss can have a significant effect on a person’s mental and emotional well-being. This can cause anxiety, stress, anger and depression.
If hearing loss remains unaddressed these feelings may get worse over time but hearing aids can go a long way towards reducing these negative feelings.
Here are just a few of the ways treating hearing loss can have a positive impact on one’s overall happiness and quality of life.


Unaddressed hearing loss can have countless negative effects on a person’s life–but hearing aids can help.

Untreated hearing loss hurts quality of life. When people ignore their hearing loss, they often see their quality of life diminish in various ways. Hearing loss can reduce feelings of personal safety and independence, making it harder to leave the house. It can also lead to withdrawal from social gatherings, which means less engagement with others. Cognitive decline and poorer overall physical health have also been linked to untreated hearing loss.

Treating hearing loss promotes good mental health. 

Hearing loss can be isolating, and this isolation often results in other symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and anger.
The good news is that using hearing aids has been shown to boost mental health by creating greater emotional stability, increased social engagement, and independence. The overall result is greater enjoyment of life, and who would not want that?
Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears which is a common side effect of hearing loss and can also lower a person’s quality of life by creating feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. Managing tinnitus symptoms correctly with hearing aids–which often come with tinnitus management programs–has been shown to reduce these negative feelings and bring about greater contentment and happiness.

Hearing aids can boost your self-confidence. 

Better communication means stronger relationships. It’s difficult to maintain healthy relationships without good, honest communication. Wearing hearing aids have brought improvements to their relationships at home, their social lives, and their enjoyment in group activities. Many participants also saw improvements in their romantic lives. Involving your family members or spouse in treatment, and discussing communication strategies with them, may also help to improve overall satisfaction and quality of life.

Hearing aids are now better than ever.

Significant new technological breakthroughs have changed the way hearing aids are created, and they have improved dramatically in recent years. Many hearing aids are now almost invisible, with users wearing them discreetly inside the ear canal. Along with being discreet and comfortable, many hearing aids are now Bluetooth-capable, meaning they can effortlessly connect to your smartphone, home entertainment system, or other electronics at exactly the right volume for you. In short, the hearing aids of today have been expertly engineered to suit people of all ages!

One of the most vital ways to treat hearing-loss related depression is to be fitted with hearing aids. 

If you are concerned that a loved one may have poor mental health as a result of their hearing loss, take the first step towards greater health and happiness by making an appointment at Hear4u for your FREE hearing test!

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