Would I Know If I Had A Hearing Loss

Posted By Kelly Hone on 30.07.18 11.56

Hearing loss symptoms can come on very slowly, but they also can arise suddenly.

The most common indications of hearing loss can include:

- Requiring frequent repetition. 

- Difficulty following conversations.

- Thinking that other people sound muffled as if they are mumbling.

- Difficulty hearing in noisy situations like conferences, restaurants, malls, or meeting rooms; and having trouble hearing women and children.

- Answering or responding inappropriately in conversation.

- Reading lips or intently watching people’s faces when they speak with you, feeling annoyed with other people because you cannot understand them, and feeling embarrassed to meet new people.

- Additionally, if you have a family history of hearing loss or you have diabetes, heart, circulation, or thyroid problems, these could indicate hearing loss.

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