How My New Hearing Aids Have Changed My Life!

Posted By Kelly Hone on 2009.02.2018 15.38

Hear more than you even thought possible!

Mr Cunningham (known as James) confided in Hear4u after seeing an advert in the local paper stating we provide FREE hearing tests!

James and his wife had slowly noticed a recent drop in his natural hearing, from being in the company of friends and family to working in his office. Something had definitely changed!

Within a few days of calling James was quickly booked in for a full professional hearing test at our Hear4u Hinckley branch. After our audiologist identified the deficiencies within his hearing loss, Sam recommended the best advanced technology: GN ReSound Linx 3D hearing system.

Most advanced digital technology!

Looking fort the most advanced digital hearing system around? We have just what you need right here! With the ReSound Linx 3D you will be able to hear more sounds around you and be able to identify speech like never before. Control your hearing aids from your smart phone device or use like wireless headphones- the power is in your ears!

Did i mention they are also rechargeable? - Bye bye batteries! 
Your hearing aids will last you all day! No need to worry about changing the battery throughout the day, with 12 hour charge these will see you through!- also make them very cost effective!


360 Degrees Of Sound

No longer will you have to turn your head to keep up with the conversation or position yourself to hear the person who is speaking! 
This fabulous technology gives you a crisp and clear sense of sounds around you, allowing you to focus on what you want to focus on, without being totally cut off from your surroundings!

Control your hearing aids from your Smartphone!

Technology at its finest! 
The ReSound Smart 3D app allows you to make changes to your hearing aid settings depending on your location and environment!
YOU have full control!
All of this from your smartphone! Controlling your hearing aids by your phone makes them more discreet. You don't have to reach up to change the settings in public! 
The app even helps you find your hearing aids if you misplace them!- Pretty impressive! 


Stream sound direct from your IPhone to your hearing aids!

ReSound Linx 3D makes it so easy to keep in touch with loved ones or maybe just work phone calls, may this be through telephone or FaceTime. This allows you to stream calls and music from your phone directly to your hearing aids- they act like a pair of wireless hearing aids but still keeping the vibrant sound!- never miss a word!

'If you are having difficulties with your hearing i would recommend giving Hear4u a call for more information!' - Mr Cunningham

James has personalized his settings to suit his social life and hobbies, such as 'restaurant mode' for family socializing- Allowing James to join in with the conversation over tasty Sunday dinner at their local pub- a situation he had always felt uncomfortable with.
Cycling at weekend has also become a breeze! By selecting 'outdoor mode' this re
duced the level of wind noise allowing him to have a general chat with the riders in front and behind.
Bell ringing at various local churches are now so much more enjoyable- just by adjusting and saving the settings within his hearing aids, when visiting different locations he is able to automatically revert to the chosen setting!


Another great feature is when using a Google language translator i can receive English translations in most languages straight onto my hearing aids!

- Mr Cunningham


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