How Loud Is Too Loud?

Posted By Kelly Hone 04.10.2017 11.45am

The Volume Of Sound Is Measured In Decibels. 

The volume of sound is measured in decibels (often seen as DB). They tend to be measured on a scale of zero to 140, anything higher tham 140 is very dangerous for your ears! The louder the noise the higher the decibels, high decible readings causes the most hearing damage! Long periods of time in nosiey environments is also a trigger for hearing loss and can also cause tinnitus

But still, How loud is too loud?

Depending on how long your ears are exposed to high decibels effects how you hearing is decreased. For example, listening to music around 80-85db over time can cause hearing  depennding on the length of time you are in that environment. What tends to happen after a night out in a loud environment when you get home you may experience ringing in your ears or dull noise- this indicates your ears have been exposed to loud decibles for too long- even if these symtoms do not occur your ears can still be effected. 

Without having any noise equipment you can still determine if your envirment is too loud- if you experience any paion in your ears or discomfort we advise you to turn the music down if possible or leave that certain environment. Hearing aid know have explained 'if you can’t talk to someone two metres away without shouting, the noise level could be damaging.' 

Sound equipment isn't something people purchase- but there are smart phones and devices with a noise measuring equipment app to help you understand how loud sound is around you.

Take a look at the table below of some of the common noises that you may expose your ears to daily:

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Here are some more common noises and their decibel volumes thanks to hearing aid know:

  •          Aircraft at take-off (180)                                                                Fireworks (140)
  •          Snowmobile (120)
  •          Chain saw (110)
  •          Amplified music (110)
  •          Lawn mower (90)
  •          Noisy office (90)
  •          Vacuum cleaner (80)
  •          City traffic (80)
  •          Normal conversation (60)
  •          Refrigerator humming (40)
  •          Whisper (20)
  •          Leaves rustling (10)
  •          Calm breathing (10)