A Truly Hassle Free Solution

A Better Way To Hear

The positioning of Lyric means that it is truly invisible but more importantly, the proximity to the eardrum means greater sound quality. It is, in fact, the most natural position, so it uses the natural acoustics of the pinna (your outer ear), It uses the natural properties of your ears anatomy so you are hearing the way your ears are designed to. Lyric gives you exceptional hearing and lets you live your life without constraints, there is no wind noise, and you can use the phone as normal with no whining feedback.

Invisible, Exceptional Sound Quality And Ease Of Use

The biocompatible soft foam engineered to contour the ear canal seals it safely so you can wear Lyric for months at a time. It offers exceptional sound quality and is the ultimate invisible hearing aid. You can wear Lyric for all your daily activities, including showering, exercising and sleeping. No daily insertion or removal, battery changes or maintenance.

Freedom For You

Lyric is completely different to any other hearing aid on the market due to the fact that it can be worn continuously for months at a time. You will have no daily reminder of your hearing loss and people who currently wear Lyric say that they no longer feel like they wear a hearing aid. You will have the freedom to shower, sleep, speak on the phone, hear a whispered goodnight from a loved one – do all the things that we should be able to take for granted without the constraints of a hearing aid.

The deep canal placement of the Lyric hearing aid also has significant sound benefits, which include:

  1. Improved Directionality and Localisation (ability to tell where sounds are coming from)
  2. Minimized Occlusion Effect (blocked feeling in the ear canal)
  3. Reduced Feedback (whistling sound hearing aids can make)
  4. High-Frequency Gain (ability to hear high pitched sounds)
  5. Reduction of wind noises
  6. Ability to use ear-level listening devices, such as a telephone, headphones, or stethoscope, with little to no feedback


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