How to Prevent Tinnitus...

Posted By Kelly Hone on 07.02.2018 14.00

Tinnitus can’t always be prevented and there are many causes and reasons why people experience the condition.

Here are a few ways to procect your ears throughout your day to day life:


Did you know that tinnitus can be caused by ear infections? If you use any earplugs or hearing aids, please make sure you maintain them and keep them clean. Don’t put things in your, not even cottonbuds! There are safer and more professional ways to keep your ears sparkling! . Not maintaining or using the wrong equipment can cause infections. Your ears clean themselves naturally, and if you are worried about a build-up of wax feel free to contact us for a chat! Hardened wax can be softened by using olive oil drops available from our online shop or at your local pharmacy, once softened the wax may release itself. If not, you will be able to have it removed by a hearing healthcare provider.

Stress and anxiety

Tinnitus can sometimes start when you are anxious or stressed, so try and keep a healthy life balance. Do things you enjoy and de-stress everyday by taking some time out for yourself. Possibly trying sports such as yoga, pilates or meditation. Stay fit, eat well and enjoy life.

Use earplugs

If you are going to be exposed to loud sounds over 85dB, you can get sound meters to measure sound if you want to get an idea of sounds, and there are apps available through your smart phone to help measure and help you become more aware- they are a discreet way of looking after your ears. 
Also looking into ear protection may prevent any problems in the future!

Don't stand by the speakers

If you are going to a club or festival avoid standing or sitting by the speakers as the closer you are to the source of the sound, the louder the tinnitus it will be.

Safe levels of personal listening

Do you listen to music through headphones? Make sure you set the level to safe. That means not ramping up the volume to block out other external sounds. Your ears adjust will to the levels you listen to, so if you listen to it loud, you will want to keep listening to it loud. If you turn it down, it might seem too quiet at first, but your ears will gradually adjust to it. If your friend  can hear what you can hear, then it's too loud.

Take a break

You need a break throughout the day.. So do your ears! Your ears can cope better with loud sounds if you give them regular breaks - so if you are in a noisy enviroment, take some time out and give your ears a well deserved rest! 


You only have one pair of ears! Look after them! 

If you have any problems or feel you are suffering with some type of tinnitus, we can help!

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