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Message From Hear4U CEO Sam Bennet!

On Tuesday the 17th September I had a really interesting meeting with Simon Ellis from HUGH JAMES SOLICITORS.  This came about due to me finding a really interesting piece of research by the BRITISH LEGION about the VETERANS HEARING FUND and also compensation from the MOD.

The piece is called LOST VOICES and is a report on hearing problems among service personnel and veterans, and well worth a read.  It explains in depth hearing problems caused by service in the forces and the recommendations made by the RBL to the Government to offer higher grade hearing aids than currently distributed by the NHS, compensation for harm caused by their service and investment into research on hearing loss.

With regards to compensation, we hear numerous times that veterans have not received compensation from their service and so we had a meeting with Simon at Hugh James Solicitors who advised they have extensive experience dealing with legal requirements for military clients.  They have the expertise to advise on more complex legal issues, such as advising those suffering with hearing loss through military noise exposure.

On May 15th 1987 it became possible to claim against the MOD for any injuries or illnesses sustained during service after this date.  Hugh James work under a Conditional Fee Agreement which is no win no fee, with compensation made up of general damages and special damages.  If clients have failed for a WPS/AFC  you can still make a civil claim so it is worth taking legal advice.  Hugh James are specialists in military claims.  Different solicitors will not always approach the same case in the same way.  Hugh James have successfully dealt with a number of cases previously turned down by other solicitors so it is still worth seeking legal advice.  Time limits are often not applicable, as if the claim isn’t brought within the 3 years of becoming aware, the court can be asked to waive the deadline and allow the claim to proceed out of time, however, there are no guarantees.

LOST VOICES is a great read and shows the work done in the background by the RBL to help veterans with solid research and advice.  Please follow the link for more information.