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More from Marvel – Virto-M


The world seems to have ground to a halt, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t share exciting news from the audiology world. What is that news? Well, Phonak have launched both the Virto Marvel custom and Naida Marvel power hearing aids in the UK, adding the last pieces of the puzzle to the Marvel range.

Here we are going to talk about the Virto Marvel launch, which includes the awaited Virto-M Black – real game-changers in the market for hearing devices as they look just like a pair of wearable earbuds. Manufacturers are realising that if they want their products to have more of a mainstream appeal, they have to start taking lifestyle and fashion into consideration. This is to better support individuals with a hearing loss who have been put off by the stigma associated with “traditional” hearing aids.

In today’s society, we often see people walking around with wireless earbuds for listening to music or making phone calls via Bluetooth from their smartphones. Imagine a device that looks just like these very normalised electronic devices, cue this release! The Virto-M Black is a hearing device that boasts superb sound quality, adaptive features, and connectivity whilst offering a modern design which oozes cool. The Virto-M Black has stolen all the headlines; but if you don’t want black, the Virto-M is available in the traditional beige or brown tones too.

Why bespoke fitting?

We have seen a shift towards RIC (receiver in the canal) products in the last few years, mainly due to connectivity, however, RIC products can be off-putting to many people. It is not the technology that tends to hold people back from purchasing hearing aids for the first time, it is appearance and the cosmetic appeal (or unappealing!). This is the reason that in-the-ear devices came about in the 1990s in the first place – they are much more discreet as well as being generally easier to handle in comparison to a RIC device. Virto Marvel provides the best of both worlds, with the connectivity capabilities of the unrivalled Marvel technology along with the discretion that custom made hearing aids can provide.

You can expect a more comfortable fit, as well as less wind noise compared to behind the ear and RIC products. Further to this, with over 1600 data points Biometric Calibration takes your ear anatomy (based on the impression sent from your audiologist) into account. Each Virto hearing aid is then custom-made to provide a perfect and discreet fit and high wearing comfort.

Why Marvel?

Marvel technology identifies and adjusts to better deal with more listening situations than ever before. WIth Virto-M, enjoy Marvel features StereoZoom, SoundRecover2, WindBlock, WhistleBlock, NoiseBlock and more and hear speech more clearly in noisy situations with less listening effort.
You will be able to be more involved in groups of people instead of feeling shut out or isolated – boosting your confidence and enjoyment of everyday activities.

The Virto Marvel is the world’s first custom hearing aid with true hands-free calls that directly stream audio content from iOS, Android or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. You can answer calls by a push of the button, even if your phone is on the other side of the room. You do not need to hold your phone because the microphones on the hearing aids pick up your voice and transmit the sound to your phone call. If you are at the gym, running or going for a walk, you do not need to switch out your hearing aids for headphones because you can stream your chosen music, audiobook or podcast wirelessly from your phone.

Virto Marvel can connect with an impressive number of devices thanks to the Sword chip which utilises many different wireless protocols. Compatible devices include:

  • Phonak TV Connector, Marvel Remote Control and Partner Mic via AirStream technology
  • Roger technology, without the need for an external receiver
  • Any iOS, Android or other Bluetooth enabled phone via classic Bluetooth signal
  • Smart apps e.g. MyPhonak hearing app, via low energy Bluetooth
  • With this portfolio of wireless protocols, the streaming possibilities you can create are endless. Stream seamlessly from Skype, WhatsApp calls, Audible, FaceTime, Alexa, Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Google Maps, and many more.

At Hear4U we have been happily fitting Audeo Marvel products for over a year with great success at the huge benefit to our clients. We know that Virto Marvel will continue to deliver this kind of result for you.


Created with the aid of Rosie Dooley, BSc (Hons) Audiology, RHAD