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Coming April 2019!

The Hear4U Paediatric department will be opening April 2019, allowing us to provide our top-rated Hearing Care Services to infants, children and other young members of the community. Hear4U will be able to cover all 3 of our main areas of Hearing Care Services, including Hearing Tests, Hearing Aids, and our very popular Earwax Removal methods all of which will be available to our younger community within our Leicester clinic following April 2019!


Hearing Tests

We offer Hearing Tests to adults currently and with the addition of our new department, we will also be able to offer Hearing Tests to infants, children and other young members of the community! A full Hearing Assessment for your child is £150, which we will not fail to detail every part of your child’s hearing.


Hearing Aids

We understand that each child is unique and will have specific listening needs, which is why we offer a range of hearing aids with the top of the range technology for school-age children and teenagers. We understand that a classroom environment is particularly difficult for children with hearing difficulty which is why we can provide you with hearing aid accessories to suit your child.


Earwax Removal

We can now provide microsuction for children. These procedures are very carefully performed by our Earwax Removal Specialist, Paris. This is a gentle method of Earwax Removal that is suitable for both children and teenagers alike.


The Paediatric department will be available in the Leicester clinic from April 2019!

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