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Phonak Audéo™ Lumity Now Available at Hear4U!

We are thrilled to announce that the new Phonak Audéo™ Lumity is now available at Hear4U! Not only does it provide you with unparalleled quality of sound, but it also features Phonak’s unique SmartSpeech™ Technology, bringing speech understanding to a whole new level.

Speech discrimination in environments with lots of background noise can be a challenge for the hard of hearing, even when wearing hearing aids. Thanks to Phonak’s most recent innovation, you can now enjoy an effortless and immersive listening experience in a variety of circumstances!

Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology

Phonak’s SmartSpeech™ Technology utilizes AutoSense OS™ 5.0- an automatic operating system which has been trained with artificial intelligence- based machine learning to precisely identify various sound environments. As a result, it analyses and expertly adapts to sounds in every environment, adjusting your hearing aids accordingly every 0.4 seconds! Whether you are in a restaurant, cinema hall or at home, the Phonak’s SmartSpeech™ Technology provides you with a listening experience of top-range quality.

Ultimate Connectivity

Phonak Lumity provides easy and seamless connectivity to all iOS and Android smartphones, TVs, Roger devices and a range of wireless accessories. What is more, it allows you to make hands-free calls and pair up to 8 Bluetooth-enabled devices, while two are connected at the same time!

Impervious to Water

Do you enjoy partaking in water sports and other energy-consuming activities? Phonak Lumity is the perfect solution for you!

As the second generation of the world’s first rechargeable waterproof hearing aid, it can be submerged in up to ½ a meter of fresh, pool or salt water and is ideal for people who would like to enjoy great speech dexterity during physically demanding activities.

Couple kayaking

Health Data Tracking

Nowadays, the ability to track activity data is becoming increasingly important to people looking to establish control over their health journeys, set goals and make progress.

Thanks to the health data tracking feature, Phonak Lumity allows you to track your step count and activity levels and set health goals directly from your hearing aid. You can then monitor all of these using the handy myPhonak app, which even enables you to connect with your clinic, providing a uniquely personalized hearing care experience.

Elegant Design

Phonak Lumity features a sleek, modern design and is available in a wide variety of neutral colours to compliment your personal style. Options include beige, gold, brown, champagne, silver, grey, black, or rose gold.

Audeo Life Colour Range


Thanks to Phonak Lumity’s rechargeability, there is no need to worry about constantly purchasing and replacing tiny, difficult-to-handle batteries! It is compatible with various charging options, including the Phonak Charger Case, Phonak Charger Case Go ™, and Phonak Life Charger, ensuring that you can easily provide your devices with extra power whether at home or on-the-go.

Are you looking for a waterproof hearing aid that can provide you with unmatched speech discrimination in any environment and the ability to track your health data? If yes, then Phonak Audéo™ Lumity is perfect for you!

For all enquiries regarding the Phonak Audéo ™ Lumity, contact Hear4U via email at [email protected].