Professional Earwax Removal Clinic At Long Lane Surgery

Posted By Kelly Hone on 11.07.2018 10.39

Every Tuesday on a fortnightly basis our fully qualified, professional earwax removal specialist will be attending Long lane Surgery, Leicestershire.

Hear4u are offering fantastic range of earwax removal closer to home:

Long Lane Surgery, Beacon House, Long Lane, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 4DR

Water Irrigation:

Ear wax removal by irrigation is a direct replacement for the old-fashioned technique of ear syringing. It is a far safer and more effective method of ear cleaning than syringing ever was. It uses an ear irrigation machine to remove ear wax with a carefully controlled flow of water. The machine gently pumps water into the ear canal at a controlled and steady rate through a specially designed nozzle. The water simply washes the ear wax away. Not everyone is suitable for earwax removal by irrigation though- For example someone with a perforated ear drum.


Modern methods of ear wax removal are far easier than the ear syringing of old, they are safer and far more comfortable. Microsuction earwax removal is performed using a microscope which allows us to see what we are doing, and a medical suction device to suck out the wax. It is recognized as one of the most comfortable and safe procedures for earwax removal. The procedure is suitable for everyone.

Endoscopic Earwax Removal: 

Endoscopic ear wax removal is performed with the help of an endoscope. The endoscope is used to view the ear canal and ear wax while it is being removed with implements like an ear hook, or gentle suction using a medical suction pump. The endoscope gives an excellent field of vision and is portable.

UK Veterans Hearing Help

Have you or a family member had their hearing damaged through Military Service - We can help..
UK Veterans who have had noise damage through Military service are eligible for 100% fully funded hearing aids. The Veterans Hearing Fund is there for those who acquired hearing loss through their service. This is a completely legitimate service funded by the UK Government supported by the British Legion to provide you with a quality hearing system for free. UK Veterans Hearing Help will source you a quality service and help you through the whole process so that your claim is successful and that the hearing aids you receive are the best ones for you.
 Charlene and Paris will be available on a fortnightly basis on a Tuesday so if you wish to book an appointment to discuss the process further then please contact us on 01455 234600 and we will endeavor to assist you. 


Contact us for availability at Long Lane Surgery or if you have any questions regarding UK Veterans Hearing Help

Hinckley: 01455234600
Leicester: 01162623279
Rothwell: 01536 713775 or 01604 372127
Derbyshire: 01332 492129