We are greatly honoured that our Patients feel strong enough to write thank you notes and reviews of the hearing aids we use and the service we provide. Here are some of those reviews.

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If You Have Been a customer of Hear4U, we would be very happy if you leave us a review. Reviews help us greatly and allow other people who are in need of hearing loss the confidence to deal with us.


Excellent service, Very professional and knowledgable. Made to feel comfortable throughout the procedure and all was explained. Would highly recommend.
-- Paul Cart
No wait as seen on time. Young lady very pleasant and efficient
-- Janet Parker
The whole process, from booking the appointment through to the treatment was smooth, professional and caring.
-- Joy Schofield

"I wish I had done this earlier "Pardon"! a word i had been saying far to often. I was struggling to hear voices in certain situations and at the volume TV broadcasts them. When this is corrected and you look back you realise the full impact of this. Socially you become isolated on the edge of conversations because of the effort to hear, enveloped in a blanket of nondescript noise.

Corrected its easy to hear your companions. Background noise becomes individual conversations you could focus on. The blanket becomes and atmosphere. Favorite songs become better. I'd never heard the female voice in the Wind that shakes the Barley.

I didn't complain about the indicators in my BMW not being loud enough realising they were just at a frequency i was missing. The house is strangely however for those that live in it quieter, as my TV is not on at 80 so i can hear the talking.

I have adjusted to the vast benefits of my new hearing and am reminded each morning of the old frequent "Pardons" . I shower dry and dress and with my aids enjoy all that sound gives us.
Thank you" 

Steven Murphy


"I am very pleased with my new V50 hearing aids. They perfectly suit my life style, mainly TV and talking one to one. Sam the Audiologist knew exactly which aids I needed. This is the third set I have had but the first from Hear4u. This set is by far the best of the three." 

Mr Watson


"I have had my Phonak hearing aids for 2 weeks now and already my quality of life has improved. I have some NHS hearing aids and my Phonak aids are far superior! I am so pleased I brought them.

Mrs Deville


"I have recently had a really painful episode of impacted earwax. That may not sound too serious but it has been a complete nightmare. I want to thank Sam for the kind, patient and professional way she dealt with it, even when it proved to be an unusually difficult job for her. I can't recommend her and her practice too highly." 

Walk in wax removal client


You are friendly and nice and did your best to keep me informed about how to use the hearing aid. I enjoy wearing my hearing aids, they cannot be seen and are extremely comfortable. I would definitely recommend you to my friends.

Mrs Catterell


Just these few words I want to say to Sam, Tyler and all the staff. You are brilliant in every way. I have now been with you just over 4 years now and I would not go anywhere else. Thank you so much, see you soon. Thank you again.

Mrs Lanham


'I was recommended by a friend and I am very pleased with the aids and the aftercare service. Thank you Sam.'

Mr Wells


Thank you Hear4u. My life has changed, should have taken this step years ago. Special thanks to Samantha who is so positive and helpful.

Mrs Dunne


"Hi Sam, thank you so much for the way you have helped me with the new hearing aid.  I cannot tell you just what it has done to change everything about the way I hear… I can now hear for the first time in what must be almost forever.

I know that if I have any small problem whatsoever you will be able to help to overcome what must be a very difficult sound scenario for anyone. As a professional myself I can appreciate the professionalism that you have shown throughout the whole of the process from impression to resolution of the not small acoustic problems that are personal to me. Thank you again for everything.  I would recommend you to anyone with a hearing problem."

Martin Cutler
Dance Teacher
Dance Warehouse Solihull


"For over twenty years I have been suffering from progressive loss of hearing which necessitated constant periodic checks on my condition to make adjustments or changes in my hearing aids.

After having had the services of many audiologists employed by firms offering aid to the hard of hearing, I was recommended to Samantha Bennett.

From the beginning I felt confident that she was deeply interested in solving any problems I had.

After eight years of her expert services this has been borne out and I am grateful to be the client and in the aftercare of my hearing aid audiologist with the personal touch. I consider her price structure is reasonable and she provides the auxiliary items which are helpful for the hearing aid user."

Jean Biddles of Leicester


"Sam fitted my first hearing aid about five years ago and this made a real difference to my life as a busy surgeon. Telephones, answering questions from students, giving evidence in a noisy courtroom all were becoming increasingly difficult and embarrassing.

All this changed from the moment I got my aid. Sam dealt with all my queries and problems in a caring and professional way so the end result was perfect. Unfortunately my hearing has further deteriorated and Sam has now fitted me with a behind the ear aid. I was initially a bit reluctant to wear something advertising the fact that I was a bit deaf, but the improvement in my hearing with this more powerful device is amazing.

I really don't care what people may think as I can now hear excellently in any surroundings. Again Sam went to the immense trouble to get this just right so that the result was perfect both in the fitting and the tuning for my particular hearing loss.

I really cannot speak too highly of the quality and the value of the service which I have received, and would have no hesitation in recommending and in fact encouraging any of my auditory challenged friends to pay Sam a visit!!"

David Austen FRCS - Consultant Opthalmic Surgeon (Retired)


"I want to say thank you for the care and attention you gave me, and for the very good aftercare, all done for reasonable cost. I could recommend you to anyone. Thank you"

Mrs Cooke


"I have been a client of Mrs Bennett for many years and I am now on my second hearing aid. I have found her services very efficient and it has always been a pleasure to deal with her."

John Beesley


"My son Ed has had hearing difficulties since he was born. When in his early twenties Sam fitting him with a digital hearing aid. The difference was unbelievable enabling him to hear sounds he had never heard before. This has lasted him over 7 years with out any trouble. Now Sam has fitting him with the very latest digital aids with remote control and once again Ed is amazed at the clarity. The aids are so discreet and his hearing so good that people are unaware of his hearing problems.
I would recommend anyone with hearing problems to consult Sam for a really first class, personal and friendly service.  Thanks Sam for your continued help and advice and care"

Ed's Mum


"I've worn hearing aids now for some 25 years. When I moved to Leicestershire I needed a new practitioner. The first one I found sold me some old tech Phonak AIDS as top of the range, then disappeared. Phonak introduced me to Hear4u. Brilliant. Very pleased Tyler Bennet qualified, she is first class but has the backing of Sam Bennet's experience (not that she needs much help now!). Tyler supplied my Mum at age 88, & mum was delighted. I've just upgraded to the very latest Phonak aids which with Hear4u advice mean my hearing is as good as a "normal" person, maybe even better. Hear4u backup is first class, best practitioners I've ever had. I wouldn't consider going elsewhere now."

Chr Nicholas


"I've just been fitted with a new pair of Phonak hearing aids and I couldn't be happier. I can hear a lot more than I could before and there is much less annoying background noise now. Thanks Sam and team!"

Steve Claridge


Blossoms Diary

Its very difficult these days to know if testimonials really are true and an honest account of what has occurred (Ours are true and we have clients permission to use).

We would, obviously with our clients permission like to show you 3 weeks in the life of one of our patients whom we shall call Blossom because it was wonderful to see her grow in esteem as she went through the first few weeks of adjustment.

To give you some background Blossom is a 62 year old lady with long standing hearing issues. She has a moderate to profound sensori neural hearing loss and has worn hearing aids for many, many years. She previously wore very good quality in the ear digital aids and we moved her onto Phonak Ambra P behind the ear aids with TV link, pilot one remote control and special cordless phone as she cannot move very fast with rheumatoid arthritis and the phone could be charged overnight and carried with her around the house.

Day 1

Cooker hood has always been too loud more tolerable ie. Ok with my husband talking, it seems to subdue the hood.

Day 2

Still very loud with no voice competing. Tried radio with the aid in and the cooker hood on and it subdues the cooker hood. I turn the radio off and the hood sound turns up. (Automatic compression by the hearing system) Is there anyway to reduce the cooker hood noise overall? Yes by altering the amount of background noise that the aid filters out, which we did.

Managed to hear traffic from dining room when facing garden. Feel more part of the world. Its a quiet location but more sounds than I realised within my environment.

Discovered I can greet people I know with side face kisses without whistling ! much less embarrassing!

Theatre Visit drinks in foyer/socialisation with background noise heard much better. Missed some words, still adjusting? Actual show excellent experience missed some of the Yorkshire maid (young girl when not facing audience) (therefore not facing the microphone that sent voice to loop system unavoidable I am afraid !)

Day 3

Car engine much quieter Great! Car doors sound very different. Need to adjust!

Day 4

Club panel/audience communication situation. Huge Improvement !!! Heard the majority of interactions. Struggled with one panelist (lady) who was invisible to me as blocked by person sat in the front of me.

Much more able to focus on talkers and not be overwhelmed by background noise at coffee/social times. Brilliant crockery/cutlery seemed normal again or how I think I remember normal!

Meal out in the evening at friends house. Wonderful. Heard everything. Felt I was making a more confident contribution to two way conversations and other pair holding simultaneous conversations didn't interfere!

Have always found turn taking in conversation tricky. Have previously found myself butting in too early don't know why! Tonight I felt I wasnt doing that at all. Interesting!

Day 5

Watch TV news weather with Phonak TV link fantastic lovely to be able to chat through items!.

Day 6

Windy and noisy at Country Fair but still able to hear well inside marquees, chatting to stall holders.

Day 7

To family for the day. Grandchildren often unbearably noisy but today everything seemed much calmer and less mentally exhausting. Brilliant!

Day 8

U3A Group with 10 others, very clear and easy. No problems at all. Pm. Meeting 1-1 excellent.

Day 9

Telephone still not simple, better on speakerphone. ( We altered Duophone on the hearing aid to cater for this problem)

Day 10

Shopping/errands absolutely fine

Surgery/bank/workman/cattery all fine.

Day 11-17

On holiday mostly absolutely fine.

Day 16 Evening

Struggled to hear in evening. Meal in large high ceilinged room. Extra loud fellow diners!! Experimented for first time with volume. Rooms with high ceilings can be difficult for hearing aid users due to the way it affects sound coming back into the aids. We gave Blossom an extra setting for reverberant rooms that she could go to when in this situation.