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Where can I purchase Hearing Aid Accessories in the U.S?

Our sister company, Hearing Aid Accessories, are thrilled to announce the launch of their U.S website:!

Not long after Hear4U was first established, we started taking orders from clients for hearing aid essentials such as wax filters, domes, and batteries, and little did we know at the time that this was the humble birth of Hearing Aid Accessories:

We started researching more products to offer our customers, and as expected, the business started to grow. Around mid-2019, a decision was made to turn this small side-business into a real business entity, so a website was created, and Hearing Aid Accessories was launched into the wide world. It was ideal: customers could get fitted with/ purchase hearing aids from Hear4U and buy all their required hearing aid essentials via Hearing Aid Accessories.

Little time passed before Hearing Aid Accessories broadened its horizons by joining other marketplace platforms, and its success on these platforms encouraged it to expand further onto the global shipping programs for these marketplaces.

Whilst the UK website for Hearing Aid Accessories does offer international shipping, its presence on other marketplace platforms demonstrated just how little hearing equipment appears to be available in the U.S market. They receive countless testimonials from American customers thanking them for their service and for providing them with items that they hadn’t been able to get hold of in the U.S:

“My husband wanted a TV Streamer, and we couldn’t find it anywhere in the USA. We found them here and the price was great!”

“I could not have asked for better service and the Widex Com Dex that I purchased from this site was 50% cheaper than the same in US.”

“I wasn’t sure how the coronavirus would affect international shipping (from the UK to the US), but this arrived at the very beginning of the estimated delivery date range.”

So, they took this as an opportunity to create a .com domain: so US customers can order from a website that is Americanised and more familiar to them. This website further increases the accessibility to items that are hard to acquire in the U.S, giving all Americans access to a wide range of hearing equipment from basic essentials to assistive devices and tinnitus products.

Around 37.5 million adults report trouble hearing in the U.S, and 28.8 million of these could benefit from using hearing aids. With the launch of this website, Hearing Aid Accessories will be able to identify other problems faced by those who are hard of hearing in the US, and work away in the background to create solutions.

This is evidently another huge growth factor for Hearing Aid Accessories alongside the launch of its app come Deaf Awareness Week!

To visit the U.S website, go to