Don't Neglect Your Ears, Love Your Ears!

Posted By Kelly Hone on 12.01.2018 14.58

At Hear4u we make our customers feel a home, we take away the anxiety of a hearing test and replace it with trust! 

With 10 million people in the UK- one in six of us- have some form of hearing loss.

People may think straight away that age on its own in the main cause of hearing loss- you are wrong! You can have a hearing loss at any age: New born baby, teenager, mid ages or throughout your whole life. This is nothing to be ashamed off or hide away from, with all the discreet hearing aids and fabulous technology around hearing has never been more simple!
Some of the main reasons of hearing loss can be:

→Noise exposure 
→Ear Diseases 
→Hereditary factors

Hearing loss is an inevitable part of aging, the older you become the stronger the hearing loss.
BBC statics state that 'More than 40% of people over 50 have some degree of hearing loss, rising to 70% of those over the age of 70.'

Did you know that if you ignore a hearing loss you could be increasing your chances of dementia- The good news is, that with the help of a fully qualified audiologist (Yes, we have them in stock throughout the year) and trusted manufactures, i can guarantee you are in safe hands!

Other high street brands offer hearing tests and wax removal on certain days in the week or with a 2 week wait, but at Hear4u you can book an appointment on the same day or within 24 hours (Availability depending) and we offer appointments Monday to Friday, plus home visits. No need to see a doctor before hand- if there are any problems our audiologists will complete a doctors referral.  

Hearing loss can be a struggle.

Suffering with a hearing loss can be exhausting! Having to double concentrate in social situations such a family meal at the local pub or maybe just a family meal at home. Finding it hard to listen to a conversation due to loud background noise. 
Hearing loss can also lead to social isolation- not wanting to socialize due to not picking up conversations and feeling embarrassed when asking people to repeat themselves.
Many people delay having hearing aids, this may be due their local GP not referring the client to an audiologist or they are worried about the hearing aids being too bulky and getting in the way- becoming too much effort.

Signs you may have a hearing problem.

People may not realize they are suffering with s hearing loss, but friends and family members can.
Signs throughout every day to day life can be:

→Struggling in conversations
→Missing the door bell or telephone calls
→Asking people to repeat themselves constantly
→Having the TV on a higher volume than normal
→Denying you have a problem


Top tips on getting the best out of your hearing.

If you currently thinking of purchasing hearing aids but not yet made the decision there are some fantastic tips to help you on them social events:

→Face people when talking and ask them not to cover their mouths
→Place yourself in the middle of your social group
→Lip- reading
→Stand in good lighting so you can see the person clearly


Important message in this blog is that if you feel your hearing aid is deteriorating, please do not delay- book a hearing test- they are pain free and will make your day to life and social events a breeze!

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