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Widex SmartRIC Now Available for Pre-Order at Hear4U!

The future of hearing is here – and it’s smart, stylish, and supercharged! We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of the Widex Smart RIC, a revolutionary hearing aid that’s set to change the game for hearing technology enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Let’s dive into what makes the Smart RIC not just a hearing aid, but a key to unlocking a world full of clear sounds and meaningful connections.

A Design That Hears You

Imagine a hearing aid that knows what you want to hear and brings it into focus, even amidst a noisy crowd. That’s the smart RIC for you. This device boasts an L-shaped design that sits discreetly and comfortably higher on your ear, ensuring that even in the most bustling environments, your conversations will come through with crystal clarity. It’s proof that hearing aids can be both a fashion statement and a life enhancer. With SmartRIC, you’re not just a part of the conversation; you’re at the heart of it.

Power Through Your Day… and Then Some!

We all love tech that keeps up with our busy lives, right? The Widex SmartRIC does just that with up to 37 hours on a single charge. But here’s the kicker – it comes with a portable charger that powers a week’s worth of listening adventures. Whether you’re a jet setter or a local café enthusiast, SmartRIC is ready to go the distance with you!

Widex SmartRIC inside charger

Sophistication in Every Sound

Now, let’s talk comfort and quality. SmartRIC is crafted to cut down those pesky wind noises and other distractions, so you get nothing but natural sound. Whether it’s the laughter of a loved one or the subtle notes of your favourite song, SmartRIC delivers with impeccable precision.

The magic of SmartRIC lies in its technology. With features like the Speech Enhancer, it zeroes in on the conversations you want to be part of, cutting through any unwanted background noise. Artificial intelligence through  Widex MySound™ offers a personalised touch, adapting to your preferences in real-time. And with Widex TruAcoustics™, you’re guaranteed a sound experience that’s as unique as you are.

Your World, Seamlessly Connected

In a world where everything is connected, shouldn’t your hearing aid be too? The SmartRIC comes with a suite of accessories that keep you plugged in. From the Widex TV Play that streams your shows directly into your ears, to the Sound Assist remote microphone that improves your hearing in noisy settings, the SmartRIC is your companion for a fully integrated auditory experience.

A Match for Your Hearing Needs

The SmartRIC represents Widex’s unwavering dedication to innovation, designed to enrich the lives of music lovers, professionals, and anyone who cherishes authentic sound quality.

As part of Hear4U’s commitment to delivering premier hearing solutions, the SmartRIC hearing aids are now available for pre-order. We invite you to book a complimentary hearing test and explore how this state-of-the-art device can elevate your hearing experience. Join us at Hear4U to step into a world of enhanced hearing with the Widex SmartRIC.