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The Test Process at Hear4U

Learn why we’re the best at what we do and why we’re including deeper testing processes for our patients.

Speech in Noise Testing during the Hearing Test

Speech in Noise Testing allows us to understand how well you will do with certain types of Hearing Aids. It allows us to understand clearly your level of difficulty with noise and why a certain Hearing Aid technology may be better than another for your needs. In essence, this assessment tells us what level of Hearing Aid technology you require.

A simple test in the Hearing Aid choice processes

Speech in Noise Testing is a simple process but a powerful diagnostic tool. We have introduced a new benchmark test to our Practice, Lisn-s, which we will perform during our testing process. We have picked this particular assessment because of it’s documented benefits for choosing the right type of technology in Hearing Aids for Patients.

What is LiSN-S?

LiSN-S PGA stands for Listening in Spatialized Noise test Sentences with Prescribed Gain Amplifier. It is a new Speech-understanding In Noise test and the first to offer Hearing Care Professionals reliable, objective evidence of why a patient needs advanced directional microphones in their Hearing Instruments or an FM system.

It is an adaptive assessment that is administered with specially configured headphones where stimuli are spatially separated in a virtual 3D world that intelligently mimics the real world. The test is scientifically robust and takes just 5 minutes to run. After using LiSN-S PGA to assess the speech in noise performance of a patient with an existing hearing loss, the software provides tailored technology recommendations so that you, the patient, can understand what hearing technology will best meet your needs.

LiSN-S PGA suits all English-speaking patients aged 6 and above.

The tool was developed by Dr. Sharon Cameron and Dr. Harvey Dillon of the National Acoustic Laboratories of Australia (NAL) and is distributed by Phonak, one of our Hearing Aid partners.

Unlike other tests on the market, target sentences and surrounding speech arrive from different directions, just like in the real world.

LiSN-S PGA is based on solid evidence and will enhance any recommendation we make and your experience with Hearing Aids.

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