Infection and Virus Control

Although the COVID pandemic has largely subsided, there have been some recent occurrences of new cases that warrant our continued vigilance. If you are currently experiencing any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, we kindly ask you to refrain from attending your appointment. Our dedicated team will be more than happy to assist you in rescheduling your appointment to a suitable date and time.

Our experienced audiologists adhere to rigorous hygiene practices. They will be wearing clean aprons and gloves for each interaction. For those who prefer the convenience of home-based services, we are pleased to offer FREE hearing tests within the comfort of your own home.

Rest assured our facilities uphold the highest standards of cleanliness. All staff are equipped with hand sanitiser, which is utilised before and after every client interaction. In addition, all earwax removal equipment is strictly single-use, guaranteeing your safety.

To maintain a sanitised environment, our centres undergo thorough cleaning every two hours. Your well-being is our top priority, and we are dedicated to providing you with a safe and comfortable experience.

To schedule your appointment or learn more about our services, we invite you to reach out to us through our online enquiry form which can be found here. Alternatively, you can contact the centre nearest to you:

Hinckley: 01455 234 600

Leicester: 0116 262 3279

Rothwell: 01536 713775

Newark: 01636 550 933

Your journey to better hearing begins with a safe and reassuring experience. We look forward to assisting you.

Policy Statement

Hear4u and Healthscreen Ltd’s policies and procedures outline that we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Whilst every effort is taken to provide exceptional customer service, sometimes mistakes are made. When something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it. This will help us to improve our standards.

A complaints procedure has been set up for people who feel dissatisfied with the service.

You have a right to complain and have it investigated. Hear4u and Healthscreen Ltd aims to learn from any mistakes and the complaints procedure is seen as very important in the continuous improvement cycle.

How to Complain

Firstly, raise your complaint with the member of staff responsible for the service about which you are complaining.  If the matter is not resolved, promptly or fully, by them their line manager will become involved to work with you and the individual or team to reach a satisfactory resolution.

If you are not satisfied with how your complaint has been handled you may begin the formal complaint procedure.  Details of this are set out below.

Please contact us with the details of your complaint, initially the complaint should be sent to the Managing Director.

What will happen next?

1.  Hear4u will send you a letter acknowledging receipt of your complaint within three working days of receiving it, enclosing a copy of this procedure.

2.  Hear4u will then investigate your complaint. This will normally involve passing your complaint to the most appropriate manager who will review your complaint.

3.  The manager will send you a detailed written reply to your complaint, including his/her suggestions for resolving the matter, within 21 working days of sending you the acknowledgement letter.

4.   Hear4u will write to you within 14 working days of receiving your request for a review, confirming the final decision on your complaint and explaining our reasons.

5.   If you are still not satisfied, you can then contact the Chief Executive about your complaint.

If Hear4u has to change any of the timescales above, we will let you know and explain why.

Disability Policy

Hear4u is committed to encouraging equality and diversity among our workforce and eliminating unlawful discrimination.
The aim is for our workforce to be truly representative of all sections of society and our customers, and for each employee to feel respected and able to give their best.
The organisation – in providing goods and/or services and/or facilities – is also committed against unlawful discrimination of customers or the public

Physical access to Hear4u premises seeks to provide all clients with equal access to our buildings making alternative provision where necessary also expert advice is sought wherever necessary.

We offer home visits to clients who have limited mobility, however, you must make sure you inform the member of staff when booking your appointment that you require disability access.

As well as offering home visits we offer disability access at our Hinckley Branch, which is based on 13 King Street, Hinckley, LE10 1QT.

Our Rothwell branch is unable to offer disabled access due to the design of the building. Home visits are available upon request within the Northampton area.

We do offer disability access at our Leicester branch; however, the width of the consulting room is built to accommodate a standard sized Wheelchair which is 32 inches wide. (Any Wheelchair wider than this will not fit!)

If you wish to discuss this policy further, please contact the Head Office on 01455 234600.

Ear Wax Removal Policies

For all Earwax Removal appointments, we require a £40 non-refundable deposit payment at the time of booking.

Please turn up to your appointment 5-10 minutes before, to complete your consent form.

We allow a 15-minute grace period. If you arrive after this, you will be asked to rebook your appointment and a further £40 will need to be paid for this appointment.

Should you have no wax, we will then provide a hearing assessment if necessary and a medical referral (if required).

The £40 payment is for our time, not for a given procedure. If you need to come back for a second appointment, there will be a charge of £30. If a third appointment is required, another £30 will need to be paid.

Should you wish to avoid this extra charge, we strongly advise putting olive oil into your ear at least a few days before your appointment.

If you need to cancel the appointment or reschedule, you must do so within 24 hours of your given appointment. If you need to reschedule, please make sure it is 24 hours before, otherwise, there will be the customary £40 charge for another appointment.

For home visit appointments we require the full amount of £120.00 to be paid at the time of booking which is non-refundable. If we need to come back for a 2nd follow up appointment there is a charge of £80 which is also a non-refundable payment.

For emergency on the day appointments we require a full amount of £100 to be paid at the time of booking which is non refundable. If you need to come back for a 2nd follow up appointment there is a charge of £30.