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Expert Earwax Removal Techniques

Explore our full range of specialised earwax removal options, tailored for optimal results and your comfort. Just £40 for one ear, or £70 for both!

Endoscopic Microsuction


Water Irrigation

Manual Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

Hearing Tests

We allow up to 90 minutes for a hearing assessment.

This gives us time to get to know the clients daily issues with their hearing loss, to perform video otoscopy and to perform a hearing test. We can then discuss what a hearing aid could potentially achieve, covering sizes of hearing aids available and technology level. Once we reach an agreement on the above then sizing of the ear is performed, or impressions taken to build the hearing aids from.

At Hear4u our custom moulds are scanned into a machine which then sends the moulds straight to the manufacturer saving about 2-3 days of postage time and speeds up the process for delivery.

The audiogram in laymans terms, is the measurement of the quietest sounds you can audibly hear.

When a hearing test is performed it is usually in a very quiet room if not a sound-proof booth. This will ensure no intrusion of sound around you. You will then have a sound presented in one ear at a certain frequency and a certain volume to see if you can hear it.

If you do respond by pressing a button or saying yes, the next sound is then produced, slightly quieter, until you can’t hear it anymore and then the audiologist will just bring it back into your audible range (and this is seen as your hearing level on that ear, at that frequency). This is then performed across both ears at a number of frequencies to give us a complete range.

Once this is done the audiologist will ascertain what type of hearing loss you have by performing further assessments.

We do offer free hearing tests from the comfort of your own home! One of our specialised audiologists will be able to assist you with their equipment to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Earwax Removals

Ear wax removal in itself shouldn’t be painful, at most the ear wax can become so impacted that the procedure can be uncomfortable. There are a number of different methods for the removal of earwax, meaning we can usually find the one that best suits your ear’s situation. After the procedure we have a large amount of reading materials that can assist in maintaining your ear health with appropriate aftercare.

Yes, there are 4 different types of earwax removal that we offer : Microsuction, Endoscopic Microsuction, Water Syringing (Irrigation) and Manual Removal.

Some methods are more appropriate for different types of clients, this heavily depends on their ear health, past medical history or age. Methods such as microsuction are perfect for clients that have suffered from perferation of the ear or ear infections in the past. Whilst irrigation may feel more comfortable for some clients with near perfect ear health, and manual removal is good for large clumps of earwax that don’t want to budge despite oiling.

We give all all of our earwax removal appointments a 30 minute window to allow for thorough removal of earwax and to discuss any other details and fill in our consent form.

The microsuction earwax removal method includes using a small thin medical suction tube that is used alongside a microscope to gently remove earwax out of the ear canal. It is a modernised earwax removal technique that is heavily preferred by a large amount of patients. Due to its’ safety it it possible to use this earwax removal technique on individuals that have previously suffered from perferated eardrums, infections or just generally have weak inner ear skin lining. The earwax removal method does produce a bit of sound during the procedure, and a bit of a cold sensation can be felt from the metal tools. Overall a vast majority of clients say they were very happy with how hassle-free microsuction is, additionally it is a DRY procedure, meaning that as soon as the wax is taken out the client can be on their way. If you’d like to read more about Microsuction please visit our page here –

Endoscopic microsuction is extremely similar to the normal microsuction procedure above. It is quickly becoming the most popular method of earwax removal due to its’ TV streaming capabilities, giving a clear view of the procedure to the client. An endoscope (camera) is generally used to look at insides of a person’s body. Our specialist can attach this to an iPod (using “iCLEARscope®” developed by CLEARWAX). The battery inside the barrel held by our Audiologist “Waxbusters” produces a very bright, clear light through the endoscope – giving a highly detailed view of the patient’s entire ear canal and eardrum – making it easier and safer to perform efficient wax removal. Occasionally, we can stream the procedure live onto Apple TV. The patient sits in a very comfortable chair, with his/her head slightly tilted to allow easy access to the ear being cleared. As the specialist can see every detail, using the iPod, it makes it a much more efficient, safer and generally, more comfortable procedure than water irrigation. If you’d like to read more about Endoscopic Microsuction please visit our page here –

The water syringing/irrigation method of earwax removal uses a weak stream of body-temperature water to flush out earwax stuck to the patient’s ear canal walls. The water breaks down earwax and allows it to flow out into a container held just below the ear called a “noots tank” Many clients favour this method because of it’s gentle and calming water usage. Despite the comfort this removal method provides it is important to note that this form of removal is not appropriate for clients that have had previous or existing issues with their ear health – This includes but is not limited to : Suffering from vertigo, perferated eardrums, infection of the eardrums (resulting in discharge or mucus in the ear canal) and any ear surgery will require an overview by our audiologist to determine whether the procedure is safe for the individual. If you’d like to read more about Water Syringing please visit our page here –

Manual earwax removal consists of the Audiologist using a forecep in the ear, alongside the use of a microscope to gently pull out earwax that despite oiling is too hard to remove. This is a brilliant earwax removal alternative to the microsuction and water syringing methods. It is a dry method that produces no sound or buzzing during the procedure making it the preferred method for people who are easily startled, don’t like using water or have a large amount of impacted wax. If you’d like to read more about Manual Removal please visit our page here –

Hearing Aid Fittings

It depends, there are two types of hearing aids that you can purchase : Custom and Non-Custom.

For custom hearing aids it is expected that the procedure from your first hearing test to your hearing aid fitting will take up to 2 weeks.

For non-custom hearing aids this process will take a considerably shorter amount of time, however if there are any other implications such as delivery delays time taken may be closer to the 2 weeks mentioned above.

If you’ve purchased a hearing aid with us to find out that it’s not working as expected we have a 3 month exchange period within which you can come back into our clinics to discuss trying out alternative models that could be better suited to your experience. Please note that we do not provide trials for customers that have bought their hearing aids with other companies such as Specsavers, Boots or Hearing Direct.

It is our number one priority to get our clients sorted with the best improvement in quality of life possible. Our Audiologists alongside our Hearing Care Assistants (HCA’s) are available on the phone, in-clinic or through our TAWK chatting service to arrange a follow-up appointment at a time that suits you.

We have purchase-only options available on our pricing list, however this comes without our fantastic extended guarantee and years of aftercare that ensures your equipment and ears are in top shape through-out the time you’re with us.

Our hearing aid packages are the following: 

Purchase only- you are given free batteries and wax traps on the day of the annual service only (if the items required are in stock)
Standard- you receive free wax traps and batteries for the full duration of the first year, as well as on the day of the annual service
Ultimate- free batteries and wax traps are provided during the entire lifespan of your hearing aid(s)

We have pricematched hearing aid prices for a multitude of manufacturers and dispensers, so yes, we can! Due to the amount of hearing aids we dispense we have been able to get the best prices on many devices, resulting in the best value for money for YOU.

We get a large amount of customers who request that we go below our price match, due to our brilliant aftercare service that adds more value than any other dispenser in the surrounding area they understand that the final prices we offer are definitely worth the investment. To find out more give us a call on – 01455 234600

We do fit hearing aids that have been purchased at other companies, if you’ve had a bad experience with your hearing aid provider or cannot attend your original centre due to a change in location we are more than happy to help. Please note that this would include a £400 joining fee to join Hear4U so that we are able to configure the hearing aids properly according to your audiogram and provide the best service available.

What I did like about Hear4U is the fact that on the internet, there’s a pricing structure; I don’t like going into a place and not knowing what I’m going to pay (…)

I found Hear4U very professional.

Andy K

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