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With premium hearing aid centres in Leicester and Hinckley, we are always close to you with committed service and aftercare

Looking For a Hearing Test in Leicester

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Hearing Aids

We only offer the best hearing aids in Leicester from global leading, hearing aid manufacturers to our Patients. So you can be sure that you are getting the very best hearing device technology

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Hearing Test

Looking for a hearing test in Leicester? We offer hearing tests and hearing healthcare assessments. Tinnitus assessment and management, medical legal hearing loss Assessment, ear wax removal and hearing aid evaluations.

The Lyric Hearing Aid

The Phonak Lyric hearing aid in Leicester, the World's first and only 100% invisible hearing aid, that can be worn 24/7 is available at Hear4U. We are proud to be a Lyric Authorised Partner

Tinnitus Counselling & Relief

Sam has years of experience supplying tinnitus counselling in Leicester, utilising her diploma in hypnotherapy and psychology to teach skills in diversion techniques, and stress management.

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Apple watch and Linx2 hearing aids in Leicester

The new benchmark in smart hearing
Meet The Latest Made For iPhone Hearing Aids in Leicester


The most important sounds in life are often the ones that are hardest to hear. Your Grand-children's laughter, the funniest joke, the whispers of a loved one.

The latest technology from Gn ReSound gives you the freedom to live your life without constraints. Re-connect to your life and the people you love.

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Instant Safe & Comfortable Microsuction Earwax Removal

Instant, safe, comfortable & gentle earwax removal in Leicester available. 

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We hope you will find an answer to many of your questions here. If not, please don't hesitate to contact us

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The Things You Will Love About Us


Not Just The Best Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests in Leicester,
So Much More

We are committed to offering you a best in class experience

Free Five Year Warranty On Hearing Aids

That's Five Years of Peace of Mind

That's right, five years Manufacturer Guarantee on all of our hearing aids. So you can get on with living your life without the worry of repair costs for your hearing aids.

Free Courtesy Hearing Aid

If Your Aid Needs To Be Repaired

Not just five years peace of mind, but if your hearing aid does need repair we will offer you a free courtesy hearing aid in order that you don't miss the sounds of your life while your hearing device is being repaired.

Free Hearing Aid Batteries For The First Year

Thats Batteries For The First Year Included

As part of our service we will provide you with hearing aid batteries for the first year completely free. It is part of our commitment to ensuring you hear better.

Three Month Exchange Programme

Three Months To Exchange, No Questions Asked

If you don't settle with the first manufacturer or model of hearing aid within the first three months. We'll move you to another manufacturer or model, no questions asked. 

Hearing Aid Price Promise

We'll Match Any Price

We'll match any hearing aid price that includes the same product, service and level of after-care as we offer our Patients.

Free Hearing Test Leicester

Either in our centres or at your home

We offer free hearing tests in Leicester & across the Midlands in our centres. If you need a home visit because of mobility problems we will happily arrange to attend your home for the hearing test. Just contact us and we will arrange a suitable appointment 

  • I am very pleased with my new V50 hearing aids. They perfectly suit my life style, mainly TV and talking one to one. Sam the Audiologist knew exactly which aids I needed. This is the third set I have had but the first from Hear4u. This set is by far the best of the three.

    Mr Watson
  • I have had my Phonak hearing aids for 2 weeks now and already my quality of life has improved. I have some NHS hearing aids and my Phonak aids are far superior! I am so pleased I bought them.

    Mrs Deville
  • Just these few words I want to say to Sam, Tyler and all the staff. You are brilliant in every way. I have now been with you just over 4 years now and I would not go anywhere else. Thank you so much, see you soon. Thank you again.

    Mrs Lanham
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liNX Hearing aids & The Apple Watch

All of the latest and best hearing aid products including the Phonak Lyric invisible hearing aid

Trial the truly invisible Phonak Lyric hearing aid for 30 days Risk Free, no deposit, no obligation. The Lyric delivers hearing without constraint to you. It is truly a hidden hearing aid. 

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We think we are the best choice for hearing aids in Leicester, so do our Patients.

Hearing test Leicester

As a Consultant Approved Centre, we are proud that our Patients are so happy with our service and care that they honour us with testimonials. We continuously strive to deliver the very best hearing healthcare experience available. We have designed and fitted out our premises to the highest standards. So if you are looking for a hearing test in Leicester, call in and see us. Take a tour of our premises to the right. 

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Latest News & Views

Phonak Clean and Care Kit

Hearing Aids, How To Make Sure They Last

Okay, you have taken a brave step, you have decided to deal with your hearing loss. You have decided to take back your life and play an active part. You may have also invested money in that step. So moving forward you want those hearing devices to work as well as possible and give you as little grief as possible.  A little care will keep them little miracles of technology working for you for years to come. Here's waht you need to do: 

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Leicester Hearing Centre

Let's Talk Hearing Solutions

We read a fantastic article recently about using the Roger Pen, a device from Phonak that connects wirelessly to any suitable hearing aids. There is a great movement within our profession, a change in thinking. Once our focus was purely hearing aids, now we are moving towards hearing solutions. The article, by Ellen Parfit, called 7 Tips For Using A Phonak Roger Pen brought it home to us how a solution based focus can really change the life of

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Irrigation ear wax removal machine

Ear Syringing? No Ear Irrigation

Ear syringing is a discredited method of earwax removal that is no longer used. It generally caused as many problems as it solved. It could actually perforate the ear drum if not done correctly and often did not remove the earwax. Ear wax removal by irrigation replaced ear syringing several years ago. It is a safer and more effective method of ear cleaning than ear syringing ever was. We provide irrigation method of earwax removal for people who

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Looking For The Best Hearing Aids in Leicester ?


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Pilot One TV Remote

Pilot One TV Remote

A sleek new remote control easy to use. Allows the user to control volume, programs and zoom function. (Spice Generation platform only).

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Doro Comfort 1015 duo

Doro Comfort 1015 Duo

Doro Comfort 1015 is an elegant cordless phone that brings you lots of functionality with both speakerphone and answering machine.

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Dry & Store Zephyr

Dry & Store Zephyr

Miniature automatic drying and conditioning system. Removes moisture from hearing instruments overnight.

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