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Our qualified audiologists will advise you through the entire process of purchasing the latest digital hearing aids, and can help with every level of hearing loss. We’re completely transparent on costs and provide a five-star aftercare service to ensure that you and your hearing are always supported.

Unlike older analog models, digital hearing aids use steamlined digital electronic signals to relay information for a much clearer flow of data and better audio.

How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Hearing aids operate by amplifying and modifying the sounds that you hear through a variety of different methods, most commonly by a microphone which receives the sound and converts it into digital information which is then amplified and transmitted through a speaker into the ear.

Newer hearing aids can, for instance, feature multiple microphones so that one particular direction can be focused upon in order to give a more distinct, crisper sound.

To start exploring the options and see what’s best for you with the expert help of our Hear4U team, why not book a no-obligation free hearing test by clicking the link below:

Beltone BTE Single Hearing Aid

Speaker (with Dome)


Microphone(s) and Main Body

What Types of Hearing Aid Are There?

There are three main types of hearing aid, Behind-The-Ear (BTE), Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) and In-The-Ear (ITE). All of these come with additional subdivisions:

  • Behind The Ear (BTE)

    BTE hearing aids sit on the back of the ear, connecting to a tube and a custom ear mould. They are usually fitted to address moderate to profound hearing losses, depending on the level of power required. They are available of colours to match hair and/or skin tones.

Beltone BTE Single Hearing Aid
MRIC 312 Hearing Aid
  • Receiver In Canal (RIC) / Receiver In The Ear (RITE)

With RITE/RIC hearing aids, the fitting is commonly an open-fit style with a speaker built into an ear dome, which is then inserted into the ear while the microphone and processor rest snugly just behind the ear in a small case. These are available as rechargeable or battery-operated in a range of colours.

  • In-The-Ear (ITE)

In The Ear hearing aids are custom made to the shape of your ear, using an impression to create an exact mould. Custom hearing aids are available in many different sizes based on dexterity, power level and visibility preference. You can get custom hearing aids in:

  1. Full Shell
  2. Half Shell
  3. Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC)
  4. Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC)
Black Syndney Resting Pushbutton Hearing Protection
Lyric Hearing Protection plus Diagram
  • Lyric – 100% Invisible Hearing AID

    Phonak Lyric is considered to be the smallest hearing aid available and is practically imperceptible to the naked eye. The ear canal length is measured and the correct sized Lyric is selected depending on the circumference of the ear canal.

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View our range of the latest digital hearing aids from brand such as Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, Widex, Unitron & more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends, there are two types of hearing aids that you can purchase : Custom and Non-Custom.

For custom hearing aids it is expected that the procedure from your first hearing test to your hearing aid fitting will take up to 2 weeks.

For non-custom hearing aids this process will take a considerably shorter amount of time, however if there are any other implications such as delivery delays time taken may be closer to the 2 weeks mentioned above.

If you’ve purchased a hearing aid with us to find out that it’s not working as expected we have a 30 day trial period within which you can come back into our clinics to discuss trying out alternative models that could be better suited to your experience. Please note that we do not provide trials for customers that have bought their hearing aids with other companies such as Specsavers, Boots or Hearing Direct.

It is our number 1 priority to get our clients sorted with the best improvement in quality of life possible. Our Audiologists alongside our Hearing Care Assistants (HCA’s) are available on the phone, in-clinic or through our TAWK chatting service to arrange a follow-up appointment at a time that suits you.

Hearing aids help to reduce Tinnitus in certain cases by allowing the user to tune into other sounds that they can now access with their hearing aid technology. The hearing aids themselves cannot get rid of Tinnitus, they can only alleviate it, since Tinnitus itself is a symptom of another underlying medical condition.

All hearing aids come with a minimum 2 year guarantee when purchasing at the lowest level. This means that in the event the hearing aids stop functioning we will be able to send it off to the manufacturer for repair free of charge. It’s possible to get up to 5 years guarantee on your hearing aids when purchasing with us depending on the care package you choose.

We recommend that all customers who have purchased a hearing aid device get adequate insurance to cover the cost in the event of serious accidental damage or hearing aid loss that would not be covered by the guarantee. If you lose your hearing aid the Hear4U centres are not liable to pay for the loss. 

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Well, they are certainly a vast improvement on the NHS ones and as a first-generation (Top-of-the-line), as far as I’m concerned they were excellent. 

They help me with the car radio, for example. Hearing the television (…)

Generally, they improve my life quite a lot. 


Derek W

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