Endoscopic Microsuction

Gain a clear view of the ear wax removal process, through the use of an endoscopic camera.

Iphone being used for endoscopic microsuction by a trained audiologist

What is Endoscopic Microsuction?

Endoscopic Microsuction is rapidly becoming the most popular earwax removal method. Our audiologist will use an iPhone with a specialist attachment that has an endoscope camera fitted to it. 

This device allows for a clear view of the entire process of wax removal and perfect accuracy for best results.

How does Endoscopic Microsuction work?

An endoscope camera is most often used in medicine to look at the inside of a person’s body. It is used for all kinds of procedures, yet thanks to the iCLEARscope® developed by CLEARWAX, our specialist can now attach an endoscope to an iPod, which is in turn attached to the miniature vacuum cleaner known as the microsuction device. The battery inside the barrel produces a very bright, clear light through the camera, which then gives a highly detailed view of the ear canal and eardrum. The vacuum cleaner is then used to drain the wax from the affected ear. Unlike other methods, where the wax is removed ‘blind’, this way makes it far easier and safer to perform efficient wax removal with minimal risk.

Roger Stokes, one of our longest-serving audiologists who qualified back in 1994, actually prefers using the endoscope as opposed to the traditional otoscope in his daily work. Much more detail can be clearly viewed – particularly that of the health and condition of the tympanic membranes (eardrums). Patients often love watching the replays of the videos taken of the procedure as they can see exactly what our trained audiologist can see.

Upon request, we can in addition stream the procedure live onto Apple TV. You can view everything from the vantage point of a very comfortable chair, with the only incumbrance being your head slightly tilted to allow easy access to the ear being cleared.

Afterwards, you can simply relax as our specialist does their work.

Does it take very long to remove the wax?

We allow 30 minutes per appointment, and the procedure can usually be done between 10 and 25 minutes. However, if we cannot completely clear the wax in that time, then we will arrange a follow-up session. On occasion, the wax may still be too hard or too deep to be able to remove in one session alone.

Our specialist may advise you to use more olive oil spray (Earol) to further soften the remaining wax before your return appointment. We advise patients to use Earol or Almond Oil for 3-4 days prior to appointment.

However, if you are aware of an infection or a perforated eardrum, we advise you to not use any drops whatsoever.

No water is syringed into the ear – it is what is known as a ‘dry’ method of removal that both reduces the risk of infection or pushing the wax further into the ear canal. If you have a perforated eardrum, grommet inserted, a mastoid cavity or a cleft palate, you should not have Water Irrigation to remove your wax. Instead, Endoscopic Microsuction is the ideal procedure for you.

How safe is Endoscopic Microsuction?

Endoscopic wax removal is considered to be safe and dependable. A 2006 study found it to be quicker, easier and more comfortable than microscopic microsuction. Do note, however, that no method of wax removal is entirely risk-free. There are always certain risks, which we ensure that our patients are aware of. Some of these risks include:
  • Possible damage to the eardrum in the case of error.
  • A temporary or permanent loss of hearing due to the occasionally loud noise in the ear – although we take extra precautions to avoid this and will remove the device immediately in the case of discomfort.
  • Tinnitus (although this is rare).
  • Slight dizziness – this can be as a result of the process of cooling the temperature inside the ear canal (rare and of short duration).

Important Earwax Removal Terms & Conditions

For all wax removal appointments we take a £40 non refundable deposit at the time of booking. This amount can vary if you choose to have a home visit earwax removal instead.

To avoid additional appointment charges we strongly advise putting olive oil generously into your ears for at least 3-5 days prior to your appointment. Please turn up to your appointment 5 minutes before in order to fill out your medical and consent form.

Failure to turn up on time for your appointment may result in us being unable to take your ear wax due to lack of time.

For the full Terms and Conditions please see the “Ear Wax Removal Policies” section on our website – https://www.hear4u.co.uk/policies-and-procedures/

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Second time I have used Hear 4u at Hinckley. Brilliant service again for ear wax removal and Roger was very professional taking his time and explaining everything he was doing. He even showed me footage of what he’d done after.

Definitely recommend and will use again.


J. Whitehead

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