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As hearing care professionals, we provide a range of additional services and treatments to give you the best solutions possible.

We all know how bad ear infections can be. They can result in irritation, earache, loss of hearing and reduce your quality of life.

We’re the only private clinic in the UK  that offer laboratory-tested aural swabbing to diagnose and treat your ear infection as soon as possible.

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Tinnitus can be a truly debilitating condition that severely impacts your ability to live and work as you otherwise would.

At Hear4U we offer extensive testing and bespoke therapy to help you conquer this most frustrating of ailments and get your life back on track.

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Whether it’s working in heavy industry, attending a concert, swimming on holiday or simply driving for long periods, the best treatment for damaged hearing is always to prevent it before it happens!

Our filtered and non-filtered hearing protection solutions enable you to live the life you want while keeping your hearing safe.

Construction worker wearing hearing protection

Specialised bone-conduction glasses are a fantastic solution for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, as they use the skull to transmit sound without the need for surgery or an over-the-ear aids.

What’s more, our latest range comes complete with volume control, feedback cancellation and cheap disposable batteries.

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Our range of extra services is designed to treat, care and provide for those who simply cannot find the assistance they need elsewhere. We’re committed to giving you the very best in aural care in the Midlands, and our hundreds of satisfied clients agree.

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The hearing aids I received were a vast improvement over the NHS ones and a first-generation as far as I was concerned. They were excellent.

They help me with the car radio for example, hearing the television…

Generally, they improve my life quite a lot. 

Derek W

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Thoroughly recommend them. The ability to hear clearly and immediately was brilliant.

Jane H

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