Hear4u offer you a warm welcome

And support in your venture for answers and solutions to your hearing loss. Starting right here at Hear4u for your Hearing Test.

" We at Hear4u give 100% commitment in our endeavour to provide you with the very best in hearing services, and aim to show you why we have the most fantastic reputation within our community.

Because of our high standards, and constantly challenging ourselves to be better with extensive  training, we aim to achieve fantastic results on your behalf.

Our honest and caring nature helps us to provide the best quality hearingcare, and aftercare to maintain the close personal touch we have with our clients".

Hear4u endeavour to help people with hearing loss to continue to actively, and enjoyably participate in a world of communication.  Whether it is in the home, or at the office, we have your solution waiting for you.

Your hearing solution is achieved by our expert, highly trained staff in our extensively equipped hearing centres.  Listening to your needs, and helping you fulfil your goals with our unique understanding of your situation we will help you complete your hearing lifestyle assessment.  With our 21 years of knowledge of old and new technology we can assist you in taking the next step to better hearing.

We at Hear4u are completely independant,  enabling us to give completely unbiased advice on all hearing concerns you may have, and advising you of the best prescription for you personally.  We have no ties with one manufacturer but choose which company may offer you the best result.

Hear4u is also known as the Hearing Homecare Professionals due to our huge commitment and fabulous aftercare service provided in the clients’ home.

This is hugely beneficial to our older patients and supports their families knowing that we are safe to come into the patients’ home without a family member there, and trusted to look after the patient to the highest degree.  All hearing aid audiologists are checked and approved by the Criminal Records Bureau to ensure they are of good character.


Here at Hear4u, we like to educate our customers and the general public about hearing aids, hearing loss and common questions about hearing aids. Here is our FREE 7 page guide explaining hearing losses. Click here to see more...