Hear4u with the support of Phonak, are also running a competition throughout April 2015 with Oak fm listeners.  The competition is to win over £5200 of the latest digital hearing equipment from Swiss Manufacturer Phonak, brand new to the UK.  The incredibly discreet Phonak Venture hearing instruments will also come with a special cordless phone that streams the sound directly through the hearing aids. The lucky winner will also be amongst the first in the UK to try a device called Easycall, automatically connecting any mobile phone directly to the hearing aids and a TV link to connect the television. This truly life changing prize will offer the winner full connectivity with the world around them.

If you would like to nominate yourself to win this amazing prize, or would like to share the story of a loved one who could benefit from this technology – enter today!

You can send your nominations into us either by post, email or phone.

If you would like to email your nomination in please send to :

Please send your letter in to either Hear4u or Oakfm. Address’s below:

Hear4u, 13 King Street, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 1QT.


Oak FM Ltd, 3 Telford Way, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 3HD.

If you would like to phone your nomination through on live air please call 01530 835107.


Hear4u offer you a warm welcome

Hearing Homecare Professionals

Here at Hear4u we have a number of centres across the midlands, but also provide a free aftercare service and consultations in the clients home, as we appreciate not everybody is able to commute as easily. Hear4u will always get you a quick appointment and are prompt with timings.

21 years of knowledge

Your hearing solution is achieved by our expert, highly trained staff using our extensively equipped kits from our centres or within the comfort of your own home.  Listening to your needs, and helping you fulfil your goals with our unique understanding of your situation we will help you complete your hearing lifestyle assessment, we can assist you in taking the next step to better hearing.

Continue a normal life

Hear4u endeavour to help people with hearing loss to continue to actively, and enjoyably participate in a world of communication.  Whether it is in the home, or at the office, we have your solution waiting for you.


We at Hear4u are completely independant,  enabling us to give completely unbiased advice on all hearing concerns you may have, and advising you of the best prescription for you personally.  We have no ties with one manufacturer but choose which company may offer you the best result.

Value for Money

We at hear4u understand the significance of value for money; thats why we offer a quality product with an excellent aftercare, a long with extras like five year guarantees, home appointments, first years batteries free etc. Here at Hear4u our hearing aids start at £375 and we're confindent that we wont be beaten on quality and price.

" We at Hear4u give 100% commitment in our endeavour to provide you with the very best in hearing services, and aim to show you why we have the most fantastic reputation within our community.

Because of our high standards, and constantly challenging ourselves to be better with extensive  training, we aim to achieve fantastic results on your behalf.

Our honest and caring nature helps us to provide the best quality hearingcare, and aftercare to maintain the close personal touch we have with our clients.

Download you free guide to hearing loss and hearing aids by clicking here.