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We understand that you may not be able to come to us, so we offer home visits for all of our services and we are always happy to come to you. As part of our commitment, we offer Earwax Removal services at your home when you need it!

For more information about the other services we can provide inside your home, check out our Ultimate Care Package for a full rundown.

Simply call us to discuss your needs and we can book a visit to suit you.

The cost of a home visit Earwax Removal is £120. We are able to provide a visit within a 10 mile radius of each of our Dedicated Centres in Hinckley, Leicester,  Rothwell or Newark.

Ear Wax Removal Options

  • Water irrigation >> – this is where we use body-temperature water to gently syringe the wax from your ears. This procedure has traditionally been done at the GP practices – although they are not currently offering wax removal services at all.  You should not have water syringing if you have perforated eardrums or if you currently have an ear infection.
  • Microsuction >> – this is a much more modern method of wax removal, where we use a narrow suction pipe to gently suck the wax out of the ear canal. Our specialist will wear “loops”, which are glasses with a light attached, so that they can clearly see inside your ears to remove the wax.
  • Endoscopic Microsuction >> – very similar to microsuction, but instead the specialist uses an endoscopic camera attached to an iPod so that we can record and view the process of microsuction on the screen. This makes the removal extremely accurate, and you can watch the procedure back on the camera afterwards if you want to.  Both methods of microsuction are generally safer and more comfortable than water syringing – it is a procedure suitable for everyone.
  • Manual removal >> – Sometimes, where water irrigation and microsuction haven’t succeeded in removing the wax, we can use a Jobson Horne to clear it. This is a small stick with a loop or hook on the end, allowing us to gently pull impacted wax out of the ear.  This is usually a last resort, and the specialist will always take great care with this procedure – as with any other.
Once the decision has been made as to the method, then the specialist will set the room up to ensure that the procedure can be carried out in the safest, most secure position possible: typically either sat at a table or working around you in an armchair if necessary.  We also cater for people who are bedbound – we take great care in ensuring everything is safe. Please contact us if you require more information!

Treatment For Ear Infections

Hear4U offers a wide range of treatments for ear infection and provides expert advice on how to prevent it again in the future.

Common symptoms include:

  • Itching and irritation in and around your ear canal
  • Redness and swelling of your outer ear and ear canal
  • Feeling of pressure and fullness inside your ear
    scaly skin in and around your ear canal, which may peel off
  • Discharge from your ear, which can be either thin and watery or thick and pus-like (usually found on your pillow in the morning)
    tenderness when you move your ear or jaw
  • Swollen and sore glands in your throat
  • Some hearing loss (usually temporary)

If you suffer from any of these Contact Us Here


Free Hearing Tests

 Hearing loss can strike without us even knowing but Hear4U is here to help offering everyone free hearing tests, why would we do this? We believe everyone has the right to perfect hearing and catching signs of hearing loss early can result in a higher standard of living, 5 common signs to look out for are:

  • Trouble following conversations
  • Struggling to hear people and the tv at the same time
  • Some sounds seem louder than others
  • You often hear a ringing sound in your ears
  •  Loss of balance or a struggle to do everyday tasks
If you believe you may have hearing loss Contact Us Here

Latest Technology

Friendly & Relaxed

All Types Of Ear Wax Removal

We use all four methods of ear wax removal to gain the best results and we ensure a painless experience. From just £40 per ear!

Endoscopic Microsuction


Water Irrigation

Manual Removal

Ready To Get Clearer Hearing?

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Thoroughly recommend them. The ability to hear clearly and immediately was brilliant.

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