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Home Visits Across The Midlands

At Hear4U, we believe that exceptional hearing care should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering personalised, high-quality auditory services right to your doorstep. With a focus on convenience, comfort, and comprehensive care, our home visits ensure that your hearing health is in expert hands, in the environment you love the most – your home.

Earwax Removal

Our experienced audiologists are equipped to administer a suite of earwax removal techniques, ready to address your individual needs with the utmost care:

  • Water Irrigation: Utilising body-temperature water, we gently syringe wax from your ears.
  • Microsuction: A modern, minimally invasive procedure where a narrow suction pipe is used to delicately remove wax from the ear canal.
  • Endoscopic Microsuction: This refined form of microsuction employs an endoscopic camera, offering a high-definition view of the ear canal and allowing for a before-and-after comparison.
  • Manual Removal: When other methods are not viable, we employ a Jobson Horne tool to carefully extract earwax. This instrument, with a loop or hook, is used to gently clear stubborn wax build-up.

During the home visit, we will assess your specific condition to choose the most suitable method for your earwax removal.

Advanced Hearing Tests

We offer an advanced hearing evaluation at no cost, assessing every aspect of your auditory system. Conducted with the latest technology at your convenience, our diagnostic process is thorough, encompassing a series of precise tests to ascertain the health of your hearing. This in-depth analysis helps us to understand your hearing condition fully, enabling us to recommend appropriate solutions, whether it’s hearing aids or other treatments.

Hearing Aids Fitting

Should our tests indicate a need for hearing aids, we provide a selection of advanced hearing aid models for you to choose from. Our experts will tailor the fitting to your unique hearing profile, ensuring comfort and clarity. This personalised service is carried out in the very comfort of your home, for a seamless and stress-free experience.

Hearing Aids Aftercare

Our commitment to your auditory health extends beyond the initial fitting. We offer all-inclusive aftercare support at your home, including annual service, individual component replacements, and repairs. With three tailored aftercare packages, we cater to a range of needs and preferences, ensuring that your hearing aids perform optimally for years to come.

Latest Technology

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Expert Earwax Removal Techniques

Explore our full range of specialised earwax removal options, tailored for optimal results and your comfort. Just £40 for one ear, or £70 for both!

Endoscopic Microsuction


Water Irrigation

Manual Removal

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Thoroughly recommend them. The ability to hear clearly and immediately was brilliant.

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