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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wax removal painful?

Wax removal in itself shouldn’t be painful, however, sometimes it is allowed to become so impacted that it can be uncomfortable but a necessary evil to remove it!  There are a number of different methods so we can usually find one that suits you best, and at Hear4u once we start to get the measure of your wax problem we can give you good advice for proactive care of your ears and help you stay in control.  For further advice call us on our local number or message us in tawke.  Our YOUTUBE channel is an interesting watch on seeing wax removed by endoscopic procedure which is performed from our Leicester branch.


What is an audiogram?

The audiogram in laymans terms, is the measurement of the quietest sounds you can audibly hear.  When a hearing test is performed it is usually in a very quiet room if not a sound proof booth.  This will ensure no intrusion of  sound around you.  You will then have a sound presented in one ear as a certain frequency and a certain volume to see if you can hear it.  If you do respond by pressing a button or saying yes, the next sound is then produced slightly quieter until you cant hear it anymore and then the audiologist will just bring it back into your audiible range and this is seen as your hearing level on that ear at that frequency.  This is then performed across both ears at a number of frequencies to give us a complete range.  Once this is done the audiologist will ascertain what type of hearing loss you have by performing further assessments which will be in my next FAQ.


How long is a hearing test?

We allow up to 90 minutes for a hearing assessment.  This gives us time to get to know the clients daily issues with their hearing loss, to perform video otoscopy and to perform a hearing test.  We can then discuss what a hearing aid could potentially achieve covering size of hearing aids and technology level.  Once we reach an agreement on the above then sizing is performed, or impressions taken to build the hearing aids from.  At Hear4u our custom moulds are scanned into a machine which then sends the moulds straight to the manufacturer saving about 2-3 days of postage time and speeds up the process for delivery.


What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a “sound” that appears to come from inside a persons head that can be perceived as ringing, hissing and i have even heard people say they hear music.  It is commonly associated with hearing loss, however, children can be born with it! although they will assume it is normal and that we all have it as they have never known any different.  Tinnitus can also be caused, and exacerbated by drugs/medication, hearing loss from age or noise, trauma to the head or neck, and stress and anxiety, etc.  Although there isn’t a definite cure lots of things can be done to help with this condition.  Firstly, it should be discussed with your GP to ensure they are happy that it is safe and you are well.  They could also look at the medication you are on to see if it is a cause, and check your levels of stress and anxiety to see if they can offer help with tinnitus counselling.  If the tinnitus is in one ear, and there is no problem with the outer or middle ear, then the GP will refer to a specialist for further investigation.  A hearing aid can be a huge benefit if there is a hearing loss, and all the other issues stated have been looked into.  The hearing aid will correct the hearing loss and can often make the tinnitus disappear, however, sometimes it has no affect at all.  There are further assistive devices available to help, but most people use a masking noise either music in the background or a masking noise generator in their ear to lose the tinnitus.


Are there different types of wax removal?

Yes, we offer four different types of removal – Water Irrigation, Endoscopic Removal, Microsuction and Manual Removal and each one has its place in supporting individuals with the right type of removal.  Which one should you have? that will depend on necessity and cost!  irrigation is usually a little less expensive than the other methods.  Whilst microsuction and endoscopic removal is slightly more expensive as it requires a higher skill set and more expensive equipment.  Necessity is whether you find a method uncomfortable, or you have a preference or there is a medical reason why you should have a certain method ie. a perforation would mean that you cannot have irrigation! you would require one of the other three methods.  Extremely dry ears I would be hesitant to irrigate as the water could exacerbate the condition.  It is important to go to someone qualified and experienced in wax removal to get good advice and service

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