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Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal Videos

Endoscopic ear wax removal is a pretty new way to remove ear wax from the ear canal. It involves a suction machine but a specialist endoscope is used to view the ear canal while the suction is being undertaken. It makes the job a little easier and probably a little safer as well. The professional has a direct view of what they are doing at all times. Here are some videos we have gathered of the process. 

Young lady came into our Hinckley branch today, desperate to have her right ear cleared, particularly as she wears hearing aids, and this right canal was causing the aid on that side to keep whistling!
Once this was cleared she could hear so much better through the aid and the whistling had completely stopped.

Great result!

A lady came into our Hear4u branch after going swimming, not knowing there was wax in her ear.
The water had blocked her ear completely. She was glad to have this removed and could hear clearly again within 10 minutes of her appointment.

This young man had a significant build up of earwax in one ear, which was successfully  removed, but he felt there was also a build up of wax in the other ear too.
On inspection you can see there’s a little wax on the canal wall, but you can see a beautiful clear view of his eardrum!

This young gentleman came to our branch last week to have his right ear cleared.
Microsuction and water irrigation would not move the wax at all, so he used olive oil for a further week and returned for Endoscopic microsuction today.
There was a good 7-8 minutes of microsuction prior to this last minute or so shown here. Eventually after a lot of coaxing, the final lump of wax comes out and you can see the clear view of the eardrum at the end.
The man was over the moon it was finally out!

Gentleman came into our Leicester branch today for endoscopic wax removal.
Due to constantly travelling plus loads of flying, wax has blocked both ears!
Huge amount of wax was drawn out through the procedure, which you can see on the medi wipes!
Patient so grateful to have them cleared! It’s been driving him mad.

Gentleman just been into the Leicester branch stating he felt his right ear is completely blocked.
Big long lump of wax extending 3/4 down the canal. Pretty much all of the wax came out together with some coaxing.
Beautiful clear view of his eardrum at the end. Patient very pleased as he’s going away next week and swims a lot - his ears would’ve been blocked for days with wax in.
He says it’s ruined holidays before.
Get YOUR ears cleared before you go away so you can enjoy your holiday to the full!

Mrs D just been in to see Roger at our Leicester practice.

Seen by us a while back and advised to use olive oil to soften hard wax in her left ear. You can see the wax was still quite gooey and stuck together. However, all cleared now and the patient very satisfied that she can hear clearly again!

Mrs C visited our Leicester practice this morning, having been using olive oil for several weeks.

This made the wax very soft and easy to remove, and she left a very happy lady able to hear properly again after weeks of being completely blocked up!

Successful endoscopic wax removal for a client who came to our leicester branch. 
Both ears were fully occluded with soft wax - he’d been struggling to hear anyt hing for a few weeks.  He was faced with a 3-4 week to have them cleared by his GP practice and couldn’t wait.

Mr M just been in to our Leicester branch.
Hospital had two attempts at removing the wax from his left ear - without any success. He was apprehensive about the procedure and needed a little reassurance. A huge lump came out in one go after having to coax the wax to loosen it from the canal.

All done, eardrum clear and the gentleman can hear beautifully again!



Gentleman came into the Leicester practice this morning as he had been swimming recently and felt his ear was blocked afterwards.

There was a fair amount of soft wax in his ear, but it was difficult to film it clearly as his canal is quite narrow and hairy.

There is a film of skin stuck to the canal wall but that would not move. You can clearly see the eardrum at the end.

Patient very pleased to hear properly again!!



Miss C came into our Leicester practice this morning as her right ear was completely blocked. She had been using Q tips to clean her ear, but didn’t get any wax out. We’ve advised her that you shouldn’t put anything “smaller than your elbow” in your ear as it can push the wax further in and impact it.

This is what had happened here. She has a narrow canal entrance but the wax was removed successfully - and she loved watching it being done too.

She can hear clearly again!



This video is a 17 year old lady who wears earplugs a lot to listen to music through her phone - wax has impacted as a result. Microsuction can’t get hold of it enough to remove it. Results in the wax needing to be removed manually. 
Tip: Don’t over wear earphones because wax builds up, compacts and blocks the ear canal!



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