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Endoscopic Microsuction

Endoscopic Microsuction

About Endoscopic Microsuction

Endoscopic Earwax Removal is a pretty new way to remove ear wax from the ear canal. It involves a suction machine but a specialist endoscope is used to view the ear canal while the suction is being undertaken. It makes the job a little easier and probably a little safer as well. The professional has a direct view of what they are doing at all times.

If you would like to see the process in detail, click here to watch some of our Endoscopic Videos


If we are unable to clear the ear completely at the first appointment then you can come back for a free second appointment!


When should I seek professional help?

Earwax usually isn’t a problem, except when it causes one of the following issues;

  Terms and Conditions apply on all Earwax Removal methods

More information on Endoscopic Microsuction

Endoscopic Earwax Removal is performed with the help of an Endoscope. The Endoscope is used to view the ear canal and the earwax while it is being removed with implements like an ear hook, or gentle suction using a medical suction pump.

Clearwax has introduced the system and designed an excellent otoscope called the‘iCLEARscope’.

The endoscope gives an excellent field of vision and is portable, allowing us to perform this type of treatment in a Home Visit!

What happens during the endoscopic microsuction appointment?

  1. Case history
  2. Video otoscopy of the ear canals and ear drums
  3. Removal of the ear wax with a surgical microsuction unit
  4. Video otoscopy for re-examination and to show you the clear ear
  5. Restored hearing and Healthy ears!

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