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Endoscopic Microsuction

Posted by Sam Bennet on October 31, 2019

Endoscopic Microsuction

Endoscopic Microsuction

Endoscopic Mircosuction

What is Endoscopic MircoSuction?

Endoscopic Microsuction is a procedure where a visual camera goes down the ear canal with the suction pump. This is being used as it is extremely effective and not many problems happen when this treatment is used. Specialists like to use this procedure when removing ear wax as its helpful to them and makes it easier to see the wax and correctly remove it. The Endoscope can be attached to a machine which is medically made for suction. This procedure is extremely delicate and with the help of the Endoscope, it makes it very straight forward smooth going.

How does it work?

Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal is performed with an endoscope on the end. The Endoscope is used to view the ear canal and the wax why the procedure takes place. It helps with procedures like Mircosuction (a machine with a medical suction pump) or an ear hook. These treatments can be very tricky. The wide-open view of the endoscopic gives amazing vision and is portable.

Also if your ear is perforated the Endoscope is extremely used fully. This procedure is taken well by most people and is extremely effective in most circumstances. No water is used in treatments like water irrigation or syringe as this treatment is a dry procedure.

Endoscopic Mircosuction takes up to 25 minutes per session. However, this can vary between the amount and type of wax each individual has. It also depends on the length of the ear canal. Either ENT- instruments or Microsuction will be used whether its both ears or 1. Hear4u will carry out this process in one of your local branches in one of our private treatment rooms on a comfy chair with your head tilted to the side facing a screen which will show you what’s happening.

The benefits of this are that the specialists can have full visual of the ear and will see if there is any more wax that needs removing or f there is any more problems that need to be treated to.

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Endoscopic Microsuction

Posted by Connor on October 29, 2018

Endoscopic Microsuction

Endoscopic Microsuction

Endoscopic Earwax Removal is a pretty new way to remove ear wax from the ear canal. It involves a suction machine but a specialist endoscope is used to view the ear canal while the suction is being undertaken. It makes the job a little easier and probably a little safer as well. The professional has a direct view of what they are doing at all times.

If you would like to see the process in detail, click here to watch some of our Endoscopic Videos


If we are unable to clear the ear completely at the first appointment then you can come back for a free second appointment!


When should I seek professional help?

Earwax usually isn’t a problem, except when it causes one of the following issues;

  • Earache
  • Reduced Hearing
  • Tinnitus
  • Dizziness
  • Hearing aids stop working or whistles
  • Skin irritation
  • Trapped water
  • Infection

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