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Lyric - A Truly Invisible Hearing Aid

Designed by Phonak, the Lyric is an invisible, extended-wear hearing aid, which is designed to be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is completely concealed as it is placed deep in the ear canal by our expert team, and can be worn for months at a time.

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Phonak Lyric Flexible Hearing Protection
Hearing Protection Diagram
Phonak Lyric Ear Protection

Phonak Lyric is a revolutionary hearing aid designed to redefine the concept of invisibility in hearing technology. Crafted to remain entirely concealed within the ear canal, Lyric seamlessly integrates into your life, offering you the freedom to enjoy clear, natural sound without the slightest compromise on your daily activities.

Lyric Features: A Paradigm Shift in Auditory Excellence

  • Truly Invisible Design: Phonak Lyric’s groundbreaking design ensures that it remains unseen, residing discreetly within the ear canal.
  • Unrestricted 24/7 Wear: The Lyric can be effortlessly worn around the clock for months at a time, allowing you to indulge in life’s moments without interruptions.
  • Enhanced Listening Experience: Unlike conventional hearing aids, the Lyric leverages the natural anatomy of the ear to provide a complete, unaltered hearing experience.

The Phonak Lyric’s ingeniously designed core is nestled with soft, biocompatible foam seals that fit seamlessly into the ear canal. These seals offer natural ventilation and secure placement, while the battery is tailor-made to withstand the unique ear environment for extended periods. Lyric harnesses the ear’s innate mechanisms for sound amplification, with its microphone and receiver working in tandem to deliver auditory excellence.

Lyric accompanies you in every facet of life, whether it’s in the shower, under a helmet during physical activities, or even enjoying music through headphones. Embrace unrestricted living, even during sleep.

Seamless Upgrades and Unmatched Support: The Lyric Subscription Model

If interested in the Lyric hearing aid, you are entitled to a 30-day trial period, allowing you to experience its benefits fully. This period allows you to determine whether Lyric can truly enhance your quality of life, just as it has for countless others.

Experience a seamless and convenient hearing journey with the Lyric subscription model:

  • Have your Lyric device replaced every 120 days, ensuring consistent performance and comfort.
  • Choose from subscription options of 1,2, or 3 years based on your individual preferences and needs.
  • Enjoy technological advances and updates in Lyric’s capabilities without worrying about outdated devices.
  • Count on regular, expert care and support from authorised hearing care professionals.
  • Benefit from periodic performance evaluations to ensure your Lyric device functions optimally.

The Lyric subscription model is designed to provide you with a continuous path to excellence in hearing, bolstered by exceptional technology, attentive care, and unwavering support.

Lyric Extended Wear Behind the Ear (BTE) Open Fit In the Canal (ITC)
Wear 24/7
100% Invisible
No Risk of Falling Off
Sound Enters Ear Canal Naturally
Self Adjustable
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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the discrete nature of these hearing aids a replacement is required every 3 months. At Hear4U when you purchase the Lyric you purchase an entire year’s worth of Lyric’s discreet hearing aids, which are valued at £3400. These subtle hearing aids can make a whole world of a difference in terms of quality of experience.

Lyric hearing aid pairs need to be changed every 2-3 months which is why Hear4U provides a year’s worth to clients that choose this hearing aid option. if you choose to replace these yourself it is required to come back and see your audiologist every other month to ensure that they are still appropriately fitted in the ear canal. Depending on your ear health and situation, it will most likely be advised to see your audiologist on a regular basis anyway to ensure maximum hearing efficiency. 

You cannot submerge your head under water when you have the Lyric hearing aids fitted in your ears. You can shower normally but you cannot swim. Exposing the ears to water risks the Lyric getting damaged and ceasing to function.

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