How Much Does Earwax Removal Cost?

As you may have heard, ear wax removal is no longer provided by the NHS. This means that the service is not available for free at GP surgeries anymore because Clinical Commissioning Groups have now stopped covering the expenses for it. The reason for this is that ear wax removal has ceased to be one of the core services that all general practitioners are required to provide. GPs can now only offer ear wax removal services if there is hearing loss present, which then allows them to provide the procedure through ‘audiology services’.

 Unfortunately, this can be a huge issue for people who are prone to excessive ear wax build up, since not being able to safely remove it can lead to an array of issues. These can vary from symptoms like earache, vertigo, and tinnitus to more serious problems like hearing loss and infections. This can prevent affected individuals from safely performing day-to-day activities like their work responsibilities, driving, etc. This, understandably, has the power to affect their lives in a major way and it can be incredibly disheartening to know that the only way to receive the ear wax removal service for free is if a serious issue is already present.

Young brunette woman with her hands to her ears, potentially struggling with ear pain, ear infection, or earwax impaction.

One of the main reasons why the privatisation of the service has led to a lot of distress for  many is that it can be very costly and there are people who simply cannot afford it. This does seem understandable since the cost of the service averages around £80 and can sometimes reach more than £300. Being unable to afford it might push some individuals to try and resolve the problem by attempting to remove the ear wax on their own. This can cause a lot of damage: the ear is a very delicate organ and applying even slight pressure may lead to eardrum rupture which is incredibly painful and has the ability to cause conductive hearing loss (the inability to detect faint sounds). Furthermore, DIY ear wax removal can interfere with the natural bacteria flora in your ear which in turn leads to danger of infection.

It is more than apparent that the privatisation of the service has led to an array of issues, however there are some important benefits that private healthcare provides which should be considered as well. For example, the waiting time for an NHS GP appointment can reach up to 18 weeks sometimes, whereas with private care, you can be seen faster and receive the care you require when you are in need of it. Moreover, the quality of care also tends to differ: private clinics are usually more modernized and generally provide a higher level of comfort and a wider range of services to the patient. The opportunity to choose is also important: private clinics provide patients with more control over where they are treated and by whom.

So, what can you do as a person with excessive ear wax build up if you are not able to afford an expensive procedure? The abovementioned circumstances can easily make one feel like there is no easy resolution to an issue which is usually very uncomfortable and has the potential to become dangerous if left untreated.

Fortunately, we at Hear4U understand the importance of affordable ear wax removal options. We provide private ear wax removal by highly trained specialists, presenting you with the opportunity to choose whether you would like to be treated at home or at one of our clinics in Hinckley, Leicester and Rothwell with prices starting from only £30 per ear! So if you are experiencing ear wax build up, you don’t have to risk your health by waiting until the issue becomes more serious: book your appointment with us here!