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We specialise in all forms of Ear Wax Removal from Manual Removal to Microsuction!

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Safety is paramount and the procedure should always feel comfortable and pain free.

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With 3 full-time Hearing Centres, satellite centres and home visits available, we are able to meet your requirements!

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Hearing Specialists

Sam and the team are fully qualified and insured for all aspects of Speech in Noise and LISN-S Hearing Testing.

Providing a professional service within a beautiful, calm environment with the latest in Hearing Aid technology.

With over 60 years worth of Audiology knowledge between the team, Hear4U can provide the best level of care and service within the area.

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How do the Hearing Tests work? Free Hearing Tests

We offer a complementary and in-depth hearing evaluation, assessing the full function of your hearing system. The diagnostic assessment is made up of several hearing tests that give us the information we need to fully evaluate your hearing function.

This allows us to understand exactly what is going on with your hearing.

With a full and clear diagnosis, we can then assess if you are suitable for hearing aids or some other treatment.

Clear Treatment Options

When we have finished your hearing test, we will explain all of your treatment options to you.

If you agree to one of the options we will set out and agree with you exactly the way forward. We will discuss all of the elements of your treatment.

This allows you to be very clear on what we propose to do, how we propose to deliver it and how you can be expected to benefit from it in the long term.

Only with a full picture of your ability to hear, can we make recommendations! That is why we offer an in-depth hearing test covering every area of how you hear!

Looking to buy Hearing Aids?

At Hear4U, we pride ourselves on putting the customer first. Through our in-depth Hearing Tests, we are able to select the correct hearing technology so you can hear a pin drop!

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Ear Wax Removal

Struggling to hear? Do your ears feel blocked? Give us a call and we can arrange to extract your Ear Wax hassle free!

Ear Wax Removal

Hearing Aids

Would you like to purchase some Top of the Range Hearing Aids to help you restore your quality of life?

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Real Ear Measurements, also known as Probe Microphone Measurements or REMs, are a GOLD STANDARD procedure used to verify frequency response and other performance characteristics of hearing devices.

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The QuickSiN test was developed to assist the professionals in choosing appropriate amplification, hearing aid styles and other assistive technologies.

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