Ear Wax Removal Specialists

Tyler Bennett is fully trained to provide micro-suction ear wax removal, allowing her to carry out the quick and painless procedure for customers. Anyone suffering from symptoms associated with earwax build-ups, such as tinnitus or sudden deafness, could benefit from this outstanding procedure. Earwax is produced naturally inside the ears, but it can sometimes build up and block the ears if not cleared regularly. For those who struggle with this problem or who can’t have their ears cleaned using irrigation, micro-suction is an effective and painless alternative.

Samantha Bennett was in fact, one of the first qualified clinical ear care professionals in the country. She initially qualified as a BSHAA trainer, which allowed her to train other hearing care professionals to undertake ear wax removal. Hear4U was one of the first hearing healthcare practices to offer earwax removal in Leicester. All of our ear care professionals are qualified and experienced in all forms of ear wax removal methods. We offer irrigation, manual removal and this year we plan to introduce endoscopic microsuction. We also offer home visit ear wax removal across the Midlands, so if you can't come to us, we will go to you.

Phonak Lyric Hearing Aid

We will be offering the truly invisible Phonak Lyric hearing aid in Leicester. One of it's kind, it is the only hearing aid that you can wear 24/7 for weeks at a time. Completely discreet, completely invisible, hassle-free hearing. Oh, and you can get a no obligation, risk-free trial!

Risk-Free Trial on Phonak Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids

You can take a risk-free no obligation trial on the very latest invisible Lyric hearing aids, that's thirty days to try them out without risk, deposit or obligation to move forward. So what are you waiting for?


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Tyler Bennett

Tyler J Bennett 

Hearing Aid Audiologist (Director)

Tyler-Jayne Bennett is a Pre registered hearing aid audiologist. She is the manager and head audiologist of the new Leicester branch. Tyler is Sam and Ben’s daughter who has been in the business for last number of years. Two years ago she qualified as a Hear Care Assistant at the University of Cambridge but decided not to stop there. This year Tyler qualified to undertake Microsuction earwax removal. She thrives to be the best and keeps her skills up to date going to conferences and product/technology launches. Once Tyler has completed her Audiology course early next year we will be looking into what the next training step is for her to take.




Roger qualified as a Hearing Aid Dispenser in 1994 and has previously worked for a lot of companies including Boots Hearingcare and Amplivox (as it was) with whom he qualified. Currently returning to work with Samantha Bennett, after previously working for her in the last Millennium! "Like her, I believe that patient service and aftercare are of prime importance. Your hearing and your quality of life are tremendously important to you, and we treat that with respect and we will do our best to make THE best of the hearing that you have left."


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