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QuickSiN – Speech in Noise Testing

The primary complaint of hearing-impaired persons is difficulty hearing in background noise. All Audiology providers will complete Pure-Tone Audiometry (PTA), which has been used as the “gold standard” for assessing hearing impairment since the 1940’s. However, PTA is a poor indicator of speech recognition in noise. This is why we use QuickSiN.

The QuickSiN test was developed to, not only provide a way for the audiologist to evaluate a person’s ability with speech recognition performance in background noise, but also assist the professionals in choosing appropriate amplification, hearing aid styles and other assistive technologies. The QuickSiN test is recognised as one of the most sensitive tests for measuring this.

QuickSiN is completed by presenting a list of six sentences with five key words per sentence with “babble noise” playing in the background. The sentences are presented at pre-recorded signal-to-noise ratios which decrease in 5-dB steps from 25 (very easy) to 0 (extremely difficult). With the noise ratios ranging from 25 to 0, the test accommodates normal to severely impaired performance in noise.

Want some more information on REMs or QuickSIN? Get in touch with us and we’ll happily explain the process and how it can help us achieve new levels of testing your hearing.

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