WIDEX Announces Android Streaming Across the Entire MOMENT™ Range!

Leading manufacturers WIDEX have now announced that they will be bringing full direct Android streaming across their latest (and best) range, the WIDEX MOMENT™. Previously, customers were only able to have the full Bluetooth 5.0 streaming experience to their iPhone devices, but with the recent update any mobile phone operating system that uses Android 10 or above will be able to get that same fantastic appearance with their hearing aids, free of charge.

What this means is that users can stream music and calls directly to their MOMENT™ without the use of any additional accessories. The compatible models of the range include:


How do I access the new streaming service?


Thankfully, this newest piece of functionality is a mere formality to access. Simply download the most recent version of the Moment App (version 1.4) and it will automatically update to the latest firmware release, allowing you full access to the direct Android streaming service.

Rolling updates for the app will be sent out automatically to all Moment App users in the next month, but don’t worry if you miss out: luckily, it’s easy to manually update the app at any time using Google Play or the App Store.

Which mobile phones are compatible?


The following list are 100% compatible and confirmed to have full functionality with WIDEX MOMENT™ Bluetooth hearing aids, although further models which are also ASHA (Android Support for Hearing Aids) ready and run the latest version of the Android operating system can also work, but are not fully guaranteed without further testing.

• Google Pixel 5
• Google Pixel 4
• Google Pixel 4a
• Google Pixel 4 XL
• Google Pixel 3
• Google Pixel 3 XL
• Google Pixel 3a
• Google Pixel 3a XL

• Samsung Galaxy S10
• Samsung Galaxy S10e
• Samsung Galaxy S20
• Samsung Galaxy S21

• One plus 7 Pro
• One Plus 7T
• OnePlus 8
• OnePlus 8 Pro

How do I pair my phone with my hearing aids?


There are two main methods by which one can pair your two sets of devices: via the Moment App or the in-phone Bluetooth menu. Let’s take a look at both methods:

Pairing from the Moment App

  1. Get the app fired up and ready, then selected Get started.
  2. Choose the type – either battery-driven or rechargeable – which best describes your hearing aids.
  3. Reset your hearing aids completely by turning them off and then back on in order to put them into pairing mode.
  4. Afterwards, push Next to go forwards – the app shows the available hearing aid devices.
  5. Choose your MOMENT™ hearing aids, then the app will start the pairing process and ask you to confirm.
  6. Simply hit Pair in order to initiate the process.
  7. Once fully paired, push Next to move on.
  8. You will then be asked to review WIDEX’s new data policy. Peruse the information at your discretion, then use either Let’s go or Not right now to accept or defer the policy.
  9. Voila! Your device should be fully paired, and a Setup successful sign will appear on your screen. Now all you need to do is press OK to return to the Moment App home screen.

Pairing via Bluetooth

  1. First of all, open up the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Now head to
  3. Reset your hearing aids completely by turning them off and then back on in order to put them into pairing mode.
  4. Under Available Devices, find your MOMENT™ hearing aids. The pairing process should begin automatically, and should now show up under Paired Devices.
  5. If you like, you can rename your hearing aids to something else. Simply hit the cogwheel Settings icon next to the current hearing aid name and alter as you wish.
  6. Now the process should be complete. Exit the Settings app and enjoy your new device functionality!

So there we have it, great extra functionality at no extra cost. At Hear4U we believe that this is a fantastic move from WIDEX and hope that other manufacturers soon follow suit. Despite the iPhone’s enduring popularity, many users just prefer Android and it’s great that they recognize this.

In the meantime, three cheers to WIDEX!