Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Find out about the best advancements in Bluetooth technology and how it benefits your hearing aids!

What is Bluetooth technology?

Put simply, Bluetooth is a communication system that allows for short-range (10m) wireless data exchange between devices using low-frequency radio waves.
This brilliant invention has enabled interconnectivity between literally thousands of different things, from computers to TVs to telephones to microwaves all the way to smart fridges!
For hearing aid wearers, Bluetooth has been an invaluable addition as it means that you can connect to all of your favourite devices whenever you like.

What are Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Until only recently, large, bulky hearing aids were the standard model for everyone who had hearing loss. With the advent of Bluetooth technology, times are changing.

Nowadays, Bluetooth-enabled hearing devices are sleek, discreet and fully digital powerhouses that incorporate connectivity across all kinds of platforms. If you have a hearing impediment but still love to have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening, then a Bluetooth aid could be the perfect fit!

Because you can now communicate across practically every type of electronic device, a Bluetooth hearing aid allows you to be more connected than ever before. They can stream sounds directly to your ears from any compatible wireless tech. This revolutionary technology allows sounds from Apple or Android smartphones to be transferred directly to your hearing aids – no need to worry about pesky earbuds or bulky headphones ever again.

Bluetooth has allowed modern hearing aids to become truly multifunctional devices, with excellent customisation and a range of added features to make life just that bit better. Consider it a warm welcome to the wonderful world of wireless tech!

How do I connect to Bluetooth?​

Thankfully, most modern hearing aids have Bluetooth built-in as standard, which can be accessed at the push of a button. All you need to do is ‘pair’ your devices by pressing the connect button(s) on whichever appliance you want to link with in sequence and voilà!
Do note, though, that some may require an extra device in order to have full functionality. Similarly, older models may require an accessory such as an external Bluetooth streamer.

What devices can I connect to?

Can I use my accessories with hearing aids from another manufacturer?

In almost every case, accessories are brand-specific, however, the Phonak Roger™ system can be used across multiple brands when you incorporate extra receivers!

For instance, a GN ReSound Hearing Aid will require GN ReSound streaming devices; a Starkey Hearing Aid will need Starkey accessories.

Are Bluetooth hearing aids right for me?

Ultimately it will depend on your lifestyle and what you want out of your hearing aids. For some, they can be an absolute life-changer that will greatly enhance your everyday experiences. For others, a more stripped-down, basic hearing aid might be preferable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our major manufacturers – Phonak, Starkey, ReSound, WIDEX, Oticon and Unitron – provide Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids for their top-of-the-range models. Do note, however, that lower-end models by these same brands may not feature it.

If you’re under any doubt as to whether or not your hearing aids are fully Bluetooth-enabled, then be sure to get in touch with one of our audiologists who will be able to confirm their connectivity.

Since Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids tend to be the top-of-the-range models, they may be more expensive than lower range models, but don’t be put off: high-end hearing aids are not more expensive due to Bluetooth, but simply because they are high-end!

TV streamers, mobile phones, desktop computers and laptops; you name it, many devices feature Bluetooth connectivity these days. If you’re unsure, then make contact with the manufacturer or seller of the device you wish to connect to.

Simply put, no, they do not. You are able to utilize your Bluetooth hearing aids even if you do not have a smartphone. However, we highly recommend that you use a smartphone or tablet with the related app in order to get the best customization options available.

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