Best Hearing Aids to Buy in 2024

As we’re about to step into 2024, advancements in hearing aid technology have reached new heights, offering unparalleled sound quality, connectivity, and comfort. If you’re considering upgrading your hearing aids this upcoming year, we’re here to guide you through the best options available. Whether you need advanced features for severe hearing loss, seamless connectivity with your digital devices, or a hearing aid that’s virtually invisible, our curated list has you covered. Let’s explore the top hearing aids to buy in 2024 that promise to transform your auditory experience:

1. Phonak Naída™ Lumity – Best for Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss

The Phonak Naída™ Lumity stands out as a robust and reliable choice, especially for those with moderate to severe hearing loss. Its SmartSpeech Technology, driven by AutoSense OS™ 5.0, offers exceptional speech understanding across diverse environments. The device’s universal connectivity and the myPhonak app provide a tailored listening experience, ensuring that the hearing aid becomes an integral part of your lifestyle. Its two models, L-PR and L-UP, cater to varying degrees of hearing loss, while the array of colours allows for personal expression.

✔️ Pros:

  • SmartSpeech technology
  • Universal connectivity
  • Personalised listening with myPhonak app
  • Models for different hearing needs
  • Wide range of colour options

❌ Cons:

  • Range does not include a battery-operated model
  • Tap controls can be difficult to utilise, especially for those with dexterity issues

2. Oticon Real – Best for a Balanced Hearing Experience

Experience the fullness of life’s sounds with Oticon Real™. This family of hearing aids is designed to bring back the richness and variety of real-world sounds, enhancing your connection with the environment and loved ones. Its BrainHearing™ technology supports optimal brain function, while its comfort-focused design manages disruptive noises. Exceptional speech clarity and connectivity with iOS and Android devices make Oticon Real™ a top choice for those seeking a natural, effortless listening experience.

✔️ Pros:

  • BrainHearing™ technology
  • Tailored comfort design
  • Exceptional speech clarity
  • Enhances connection with environment

❌ Cons:

  • Some wearers may experience whistling/feedback issues.
  • Possible connectivity limitations, such as connecting to only one device at a time.

3. GN ReSound OMNIA™ - Best for Wearing Comfort

ReSound OMNIA™ is a trailblazer in clarity and comfort. Its industry-leading beamforming technology significantly improves speech understanding in noisy settings, while preserving the natural quality of your own voice. This advanced hearing solution offers seamless streaming capabilities and an all-day battery life, making it suitable for diverse lifestyles. The Check My Fit feature on the ReSound Smart 3D™ app further ensures that you get the maximum benefit from your hearing aids.

ReSound Omnia on white background

✔️ Pros:

  • Beamforming technology
  • Preservation of natural voice
  • Seamless streaming
  • All-day battery power and weatherproof design
  • Check My Fit feature

❌ Cons:

  • Despite pairing with up to 8 devices, they only allow for one connection to be active at a time.
  • Hands-free calling with Android devices is unavailable without an additional accessory.

4. Phonak Lyric – Best Invisible Hearing Aid

Phonak Lyric Flexible Hearing Protection

The Phonak Lyric is a game-changer for those seeking an invisible hearing solution. Its design ensures it remains completely hidden within the ear canal, allowing continuous wear for months. Lyric utilises the natural ear anatomy to deliver an authentic listening experience, offering users the freedom to live unrestrictedly, even during physical activity or sleep.

✔️ Pros:

  • Truly invisible design
  • Unrestricted 24/7 wear
  • Utilises the natural shape of the ear

❌ Cons:

  • Not suitable for those with severe to profound hearing loss.
  • Possible discomfort from having the device inside your ear canal 24/7.

5. Starkey Evolv AI – Best for a Personalised Listening Experience

Discover the future of hearing with Starkey Evolv AI. This innovative device offers Starkey Sound technology, making millions of personalised adjustments for lifelike sound quality. It comes in various styles to suit individual needs and reduces listening effort significantly. Enhanced 2-Way Audio allowing you to seamlessly talk hands-free, and integration with the Thrive app make Evolv AI a comprehensive solution for those who seek effortless connectivity and personalised control over their hearing experience.

✔️ Pros:

  • High-quality sound
  • Diverse range of styles
  • Enhanced 2-Way Audio
  • Thrive app integration

❌ Cons:

  • Their cost reflects the sophistication of the technology they feature.
  • They may not be practical for users who do not require various high-tech features.

6. Widex MOMENT™ - Best for Natural Sound Delivery

Widex Ric Capture Hearing Aids

Widex MOMENT™ revolutionises the hearing aid experience with its PureSound™ technology, delivering the most natural and clear sound possible. This technology addresses the delay that often makes sounds feel artificial in traditional hearing aids. With its discreet rechargeability and advanced moisture resistance, the Widex MOMENT™ is both convenient and durable. It’s also tailored for seamless streaming from both iOS and Android devices, ensuring you stay connected to the digital world.

✔️ Pros:

  • PureSound™ technology
  • Clear sound without delay
  • Advanced moisture resistance
  • Built to last

❌ Cons:

  • Rechargeable options include only two models.
  • In-ear custom models do not offer Bluetooth audio streaming

7. Phonak CROS Lumity – Best for Unilateral Hearing Loss

For those with unaidable hearing loss in one ear, the Phonak CROS Lumity offers a transformative experience. Designed to be combined with a compatible hearing aid, the CROS is worn in the unaidable ear, picking up sounds from your environment and transmitting them wirelessly to the hearing aid. In this way, it enhances speech understanding while maintaining environmental awareness.

✔️ Pros:

  • Enhanced speech understanding and environmental awareness
  • Personalisation with myPhonak app
  • Universal connectivity
  • Vibrant colour options

❌ Cons:

  • Cannot function without a compatible hearing aid in your hearing ear.

On the brink of 2024, the world of hearing aids is more advanced and user-friendly than ever. Each of these revolutionary devices offers unique benefits to enhance your daily life.

At Hear4U, our expert audiologists are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to accurately assess your hearing. They can guide you through all the available hearing solutions, helping you choose the most suitable option for your individual needs. Visit Hear4U to explore these remarkable options and find the perfect hearing aid that fits your lifestyle and hearing needs. Embrace the new year with the confidence of clear, natural sound: book your free hearing test with us today.