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Phonak Hearing Aids: Time for an Upgrade?

You might have heard that hearing aids usually have a lifespan of anywhere between 5 and 7 years. Since these guidelines are not exactly specific, it might be hard to pinpoint the exact moment in time when an upgrade is necessary. So, what are the signs that it might be time for a newer model?

Signs That an Upgrade Is Due

Your Hearing Aids Have Stopped Working Properly

Have you had your aids repaired multiple times now, but they just keep malfunctioning? Perhaps this is a sign that new ones are needed. Whether due to wear and tear, or damage resulting from ear wax or moisture, it might be the case that the lifespan of your devices has simply ran out.

Changes in Hearing

Changes in your hearing over time are not only normal, but also expected: age-related hearing loss (presbycusis) can progress even if you are using hearing aids.

If you have noticed you’ve had to turn up the volume on your hearing aids more and more as of recent or sounds that used to be easily audible are now becoming harder to hear, it might be time to book an appointment with your audiologist.

Lifestyle Changes

There are different changes in your lifestyle that might require an upgrade to your hearing aids.

A new job, for instance, can be one of them. If your new occupation involves participating in meetings or conference calls, or is in an especially noisy environment, a new model suited to these conditions might be in order.

Taking up a new sport is another example, as it may require waterproof hearing aids due to the excessive amount of moisture that tends to build up because of physical activity.

Newly Available Technology

Every four to five years, new technology is introduced in the hearing aid world that usually involves dramatic differences in efficacy and functionality. Wireless communication, increased reliability, heart rate sensors and waterproof qualities are only some examples of the technological advances that have been recently introduced into the world of hearing aids.

Choosing the Most Suitable Model

So, you have given the idea of upgrading your hearing aids some thought and decided that new devices are in order. What now? Indeed, it might not always be easy to choose the most suitable model. Here are some points you might wish to consider:

Types of Hearing Aids

There are four primary types of hearing aids depending on where they are placed, how they work and the specific features that they have: behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-canal (ITC), in-the-ear (ITE), and receiver-in-canal (RIC).

As your hearing loss progresses, a different hearing aid type might be required. Before you purchase your new devices, make sure that you book an appointment with your hearing care provider so that they can perform a hearing test and make an appropriate recommendation.

Rechargeable Models

Recharging technology can be incredibly liberating to hearing aid users as it removes the need for replacing tiny batteries which can be incredibly hard for people with vision or dexterity issues. They are a bit more expensive than battery-powered models, but since you will no longer be required to purchase batteries, the extra cost will soon be regained.

Your Future Needs

It might be worth it to ask whether the hearing aid you have chosen can operate with increased power so that it will still be able to cater to your hearing needs in case your hearing loss intensifies.

Additional Features

Make sure to take some time to think about the additional features that you would like your new devices to have and that would best fit your lifestyle. With so many benefits available these days, the options are various: Bluetooth connectivity, waterproof features, telecoil technology, activity tracking and many more.

Latest Phonak Models: Hearing Aids for Experienced Users

Thanks to the latest advances in technology, Phonak offer an amazing range of hearing aids for experienced users looking to upgrade their devices. Below are some of our favourite models:

Phonak Audéo™ Life

The Phonak Audéo™ Life goes a step further than any other hearing device on the market: it is the first fully waterproof rechargeable hearing aid made available! Not only does it better accommodate active lifestyles, but it also provides the amazing sound quality that Phonak users are accustomed to.

Phonak Audéo™ Fit

Thanks to the heart rate sensor that it contains, Audéo™ Fit is ideal for those who live a health-oriented lifestyle and are interested in tracking their activity. Not only does this amazing piece of technology create healthier habits, but it also brings a greater sense of wellbeing.

Phonak Slim™

Stylish and elegant, Phonak Slim™ are especially designed for those who enjoy a sleek design. As the world’s first uniquely shaped left and right hearing aids, these devices not only ensure maximum security and comfort, but they also offer universal connectivity thanks to their ability to connect to various Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Phonak Virto™ Paradise

Phonak Virto-M

Perfect for individuals fond of discreet designs, this impressive device contains all the benefits of Phonak’s incredible Paradise technology in its tiny frame. In addition to providing full customisation and unrivalled sound quality, the Phonak Virto™ Paradise is also stronger than any other hearing aid in the range thanks to its super-protective titanium case.

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