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Instant Safe & Comfortable Microsuction Earwax Removal

Instant, safe, comfortable & gentle earwax removal in Leicester available.

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UK Veterans Hearing Help

Service Recognised

Uk Veterans Hearing HelpMy husband is ex services, former Army, Royal Artillery, so needless to say he has a hearing loss or as they say in the RA family Gunner Ear! We aren't what you would call a Services Family, however, his experience and the ongoing service of our Armed Forces has made us proud of who you are. 

We wanted to do something tangible that could help you and recognise your armed forces service. We decided that providing the very best equipment and care at a special cost would go some way to doing just that. We want to make sure that you have access to the very best equipment available. 

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Instant Earwax Removal

Hear4u were one of the first Independent UK audiology companies to be able to offer a private earwax removal service, with Sam Bennett qualifying as an Official Trainer to the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA).

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Tinnitus Counselling

Sam qualified as a tinnitus counsellor in 2007, and further qualified in hypnotherapy, stress management and neuro linguistic programming in 2009, and can provide support and information on tinnitus; its causes; symptoms, and solutions.

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On-Site Occupational Health

Utilising specialist equipment and fully qualified staff, our sister company provide a full remit of medical checks in the field, with a comprehensive report on completion that will allow you to make changes to the way you work for the benefit of your company, the welfare of your employees and the evaluation of their fitness to work.

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Hearing Aids

The most modern hearing aids from the best global manufacturers. As an independent hearing healthcare Practice we have the complete freedom to recommend the hearing aid that is best for you. Not the one that fits into some background contract or agreement.

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Hearing Test

Comprehensive diagnostic hearing tests and hearing aid evaluations using the best available equipment, ensuring that you can have complete confidence in your test results and the recommendations that stem from them.

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Lisn-s speech-in-noise testing

LiSN-S PGA is the new benchmark speech-in-noise test for patients with an existing hearing loss. This unique diagnostic tool allows clinicians to accurately measure how well patients understand speech in noise, before recommending the hearing technology that best fits their needs.

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Donating Your Old Hearing Aid

As a Christian group, Open Ears are concerned about the unmet needs of hard-of-hearing and deafened people in developing countries. Open Ears therefore act as a collecting agency for unwanted commercial hearing aids.

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Other Healthcare Services

A list of some useful links to associated healthcare providers in Leicester and our trusted hearing healthcare partners

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Consultant Approved Hearing CentreWe pride ourselves on delivering out standing levels of service and aftercare to our Patients in comfortable, warm and friendly environments. Using state of the art equipment we deliver the very best in hearing aids and hearing care.

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