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Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids in Hot Weather

With summer just around the corner, lockdown restrictions finally easing and all of us desperate to get out and enjoy some sun, now couldn’t be a better time to take some tips and tricks for keeping your hearing aids protected during the hot spells.

As is often the case in today’s wonderful world of gadgetry, our high-tech devices, brilliant as they may be, are nonetheless vulnerable to high heat and cold.

Unfortunately, this is no less true of hearing aids, so today I’m here to give you a few suggestions on how best to keep your devices in prime condition throughout those sweaty summer months.

  • Never leave your device out in the sun

While it may seem obvious to some, this piece of advice is a crucial one: hearing aid casings are invariably plastic, and are likely to melt if left out too long. Indeed, even partial exposure may lead to malfunctions, so be sure to store them in a cool, dry place when you’re out for a dip in the pool!

  • Always avoid excessive heat

Many places that you might otherwise consider for storage, like a car glove compartment, are prone to trapping heat even when out of direct sunlight. Instead, opt for somewhere cooler with better air circulation to avoid unnecessary damage.

  • Watch out for water

When the temperature rises, nobody will blame you for seeking out a spot at the beach. However, one must always take caution as hearing aids can be irreparably damaged by excess moisture. Too much humidity, a sudden splash or one of Britain’s many unexpected downpours can put a real dampener on your holiday! To avoid all this, be sure to wear a hat when travelling outdoors, avoid splash zones if you can and store your hearing aids in waterproof containers whenever they are not needed. If you have rechargeable hearing aids, you are likely to come with a drying container as part of their charging unit. If you don’t, these are an excellent investment and the perfect way to keep your device in shape after a busy day.

  • Beware the chemicals

Lots of everyday products that are of particular use in the summer, such as sunscreen, insect spray and hair spray (as well as perfume and aftershave) can have a seriously damaging effect on your hearing aids. Use caution whenever you’re applying any of these products, or preferably take your device out beforehand and store it safely aside. If you have concerns that chemical residue may have gotten into your hearing aid, then a swift thorough clean and wipe is highly recommended.

With this small handful of precautions, you can guarantee that your hearing aids will be at peak performance throughout the summer and for all the decades still to come.