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Hearing Protection In The Workplace

Posted by Sam Bennet on October 15, 2019

Hearing Protection In The Workplace

Hearing Protection In The Workplace

Hearing protection is a very valuable product that can potentially save your hearing.

Here is a few words we have put together to explain.

The best ways to prevent hearing loss to need protection is avoiding loud noises.

Usually a noise is probably loud enough to damage your hearing if,

  • you have to raise your voice to talk to other people
  • you can’t hear what people nearby are saying
  • it hurts your ears
  • you have ringing in your ears or muffled hearing afterwards

Noise levels are measured in decibels- the higher the number, the louder the noise  you are hearing . Any sound over 85dB can be harmful, especially if you’re exposed to it for a long time and your ears are not used to the noise.

To get an idea of how loud this is-

  • whispering – 30dB
  • conversation – 60dB
  • busy traffic – 70 to 85dB
  • motorbike – 90dB
  • listening to music on full volume through headphones – 100 to 110dB
  • plane taking off – 120dB

Prolonged noise exposure can cause permanent damage hearing loss and maybe tinnitus. As we are specialists we urge the care of your ears and the damage that can build up over time which can go unnoticed . Noise – induced hearing loss is however preventable.

For example those who always listen to personal audio devices at high volume with ear buds , are at risk of developing a temporary or permanent change in hearing thresholds. The impact is cumulative , so if the habit persists for over a few years the chance of a high frequency hearing loss increases.

Our specialised Hear4U products are specially designed to protect your ears with advanced filters, allowing you to still clearly hear important sounds like voices. We supply a range of hearing protection products, ranging from instant fit products to DIY use and custom fit devices, aimed at providing protection in various environments.

The benefits of Hearing Protection

  • Comfortable fit that can be worn all day
  • Absorbs straining frequency and harmful loud noises, making communication in noisy environments easier
  • Custom ear-mould causes no pressure sensation in the ear, sealing perfectly and allows the necessary sounds levels to pass through
  • Long lasting comfort
  • Customised to the user’s preference

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