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Join Us for an Open Day in Loughborough on March 28th!

At Hear4U, we understand the profound impact that hearing can have on one’s quality of life. It’s not just about the ability to listen but to connect, communicate, and partake fully in the world around us. That’s why we’re excited to announce a special event dedicated to enhancing your hearing health and awareness. Join us for an Open Day on March 28th, hosted at Loughborough Town Hall, LE11 3AB. The event will run from 10AM until 3PM, offering a unique opportunity to explore the latest in hearing technology and receive expert advice tailored to your hearing needs.

Bridging the Gap in Hearing Health

Our Open Day event is a response to the critical need for heightened awareness and proactive management of hearing health. In the UK, hearing loss affects millions, yet too often, individuals delay seeking help, sometimes for years. This inaction can exacerbate the condition, leading to unnecessary challenges in communication and overall quality of life. Early detection and timely intervention are key to preventing such outcomes, and Hear4U stands committed to this cause.

We are making active efforts to combat the stigma and misinformation surrounding hearing loss, aiming to break down the barriers that prevent people from seeking assistance. Our Open Day is designed to address these issues head-on, providing a welcoming, informative environment for all attendees.

What to Expect at the Open Day

By joining us for our Open Day, you are taking the first step of your journey towards improved hearing health and awareness. The event is designed to offer a comprehensive insight into the world of hearing care, tailored for individuals from all walks of life. Whether you’re concerned about your hearing, interested in the latest hearing technologies, or simply seeking to learn more, our Open Day has something for everyone:

  • Complimentary Hearing Assessments

Understanding your hearing health is the first step towards improvement. That’s why we’re offering complimentary hearing tests for all attendees. Conducted by our team of skilled audiologists, these assessments are a valuable opportunity for early detection and the starting point of addressing any hearing concerns.

Real Ear Measurements Hearing Test
  • Personal Consultations

Our Open Day is a chance for one-on-one engagement with our audiologists, who collectively bring over 120 years of experience to Hear4U. This is your opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and discuss personalised hearing solutions tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

  • Live Demonstrations of Innovative Hearing Solutions

Discover how the most advanced hearing aids can enhance your life! Our Open Day is set to feature the newly launched Widex SmartRIC, a testament to the latest advancements in hearing technology. Its unique shape is crafted to enhance sound capture and focus on speech, especially beneficial in loud environments. Beyond improving hearing, the SmartRIC is designed to elevate the quality of life with features that ensure comfort, reliability, and seamless connectivity.

  • Exclusive Open Day Offers

Take advantage of offers exclusively available to our Open Day attendees, including a special 10% discount on top technology hearing aids. Furthermore, with the purchase of the new Widex SmartRIC, you’ll receive a complimentary accessory of your choice. Select between the SoundAssist, a remote microphone designed to enhance hearing in one-on-one conversations and group settings, or the TV Play, a device that streams TV sound directly into your hearing aids.

  • Complimentary Refreshments in a Relaxing Atmosphere

Enjoy some light refreshments in a welcoming and friendly setting as you learn about your hearing health and explore our offerings. We believe in creating a space where conversation flows easily, allowing you to comfortably engage with our expert team of audiologists. Whether you’re there to learn, ask questions, or simply to see what’s new in the world of hearing care, we want you to feel at home.

Contact Us Today to Book Your Spot: 0116 262 3279 📞

This Open Day is a brilliant opportunity to learn about hearing health, as well as a chance to experience the community and support that defines Hear4U. We warmly invite you to secure your spot today by reaching out to us at 0116 262 3279. Or, if this suits you better, simply drop by on the day! We can’t wait to see you.